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I agree with the other posters - LET'S STOP the SPECULATION and second guessing!!! People on one side say ACN is much better than having a "J-O-B", and others says it is a waste of time and money - we can all see that...!

We also know that "TALK IS CHEAP" ! Yes? It is only human nature to want some proof, when someone claims they have a life-changing deal for us. Don't we do research, check references, and comparison shop on most big decisions?

Isn't changing your occupation from a job with benefits, to an independent Rep without benefits perhaps one of the biggest decisions you will ever make? Of course it is - and as other comments on this site suggests, you absolutely should LOOK AT EVERYTHING, before making a decision like this. It's just good business sense! So them, what is the single, most important piece of information we look at, when we consider how we want to make a living?

Net Income - hands down - because if you can't pay the bills the rest doesn't matter! Everyone asks a prospective employer what the job pays. But, we know Rep income can vary based upon work ethic, hours committed, training quality, skill, support, the market we work in, so income for a given Rep would be difficult to predict. So, in fairness, let's take predictions out of the equation and replace them with facts!

Make sense?! It is not unreasonable to ask for the MEDIAN INCOME amount paid to all US Reps over the past few years. The folks at the top cut the checks, and have a list of all the reps, so I'm sure they do know this number, or can calculate it very quickly. This number will provide you with some idea of what most of the people have actually been earning -with no guesswork!

Like we said, talk is cheap - so don't listen to any of it - look at the numbers! The next most important detail we look at is job satisfaction, right? Sometimes, it can be so bad, no amount of income is worth the aggravation! The best way to find out how satisfied the average Reps are is almost always the ATTRITION RATE ( % of people that leave their company).

What makes Attrition the best measurement is simply that - SATISFIED PEOPLE DON'T LEAVE THEIR POSITIONS. Has anyone ever said to you "man, I love my company, my work, and my pay so much that I'm going to leave"? Me neither!!! GET THE NUMBERS from the owners - and let's be real, if you owned a big company, and most people were fairly paid and happy with the job - wouldn't you be pleased, and even proud to hand out those numbers to everyone?

I would - absolutely no good reason not to ! Well then, why should you guess at any of this?

Tell the people at the top that you want to see the numbers! Then, you can make the best decision!

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The never quit thing is another big difference between this and a job. I have never been in an interview where they asked me to not quit - before I even started!

Why would they say something so negative to a new recruit? It's is just a bad signal imo.


One of their top guys just wrote a book that says Don't Quit. If that's what your thinking as a manger, you are sunk and so are your people.


Isn't it bizarre that supposedly ethical business leaders would encourage people to stay in a position that pays them $10 - $20 each month?? Some reps work really hard to get that, or even less.

Meanwhile, the upline gets a piece of that - let's say $1.50 to $3.00 monthly for the RVPs and SVPs who may have thousands of reps on their team.

So, if just 1,000 leave - and they do - that $1.50 loss to them becomes $1,500 monthly, and the $3.00 loss becomes $3,000 monthly, and so forth. With a hit like that to their own wallets, of course they don't want anyone with points to quit, no matter how hard you work, how frustrated you get, or how little you make.


From the info out there, it looks like a lot of Sr level up-line types have "quit" this company. So what does the "don't quit" guy have to say about that???


This post called out the company - and the posters you see on this site that support them, to produce VERIFIABLE numbers to support their claims. The proposition was very simple - let's see the cards.

This was almost a year and a half ago - yet no response.

When you're called, you show, or you have no cred... simple as that.


Well sports fans, there you have it. The leaders and cheerleaders have declined to offer any response to this call for information.

Can they - yes they can! Ask yourself why they don't!


After all this time how come no one from acn has stepped up with the figures to disprove this post?


You are right ACN is not for every one. There some commitment that need to be put.

And definitely after read a few dozen of comment here what I see: Peoples are rageous about thems self because they spend their 499$ tinking fast money, already dreaming what they will do and after introduce this opportunity to 2-3 persons and having negative response they feel they lost $499.

And I truly know that it's a lot of money for the majority of people, so their's a lot of emotion involve that bring ressentement true the companie. Thimk about it.


ACN refuses to publish facts and figures on how many reps make any money. The word is that 97% of reps don't make enough to cover their expenses. If you think you can be one of the 3% that do - go for it!


Well spoken.

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