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I cannot understand all the negativity. I am a successful business man that joined ACN 2 years ago at the age of 65 and I use all their services.

I save over $100 a month just from their digital Video Phone and I can see all of my relatives and friend around the world in HD with perfect voice sync.

All it takes is following the strict guidelines that ACN requires and working the business. All you need to do is invite a few friends to be customers and teach others to do the same. Success is up to you. My business is growing every month.

This is the future, get with or get out of the way. Want more information, call me 310.279.7708

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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JimR, is there even one tiny piece of truth in what you posted or was that post just full of it?


In my opinion ACN misleads prospects into thinking they will be a wholesale broker of essential services (TV, phone, wireless, internet, etc) and be able to offer clients in your network 'substantial savings'. In my experience, every service I compared cost more through ACN than going to local retailer and also required 1 or 2-year contracts and had very short (3-day) cancellation policies. They exploit new IBO's by working extremely quickly to convert you and your immediate family/frined's services in order to qualify for royalties (they want this done in 24-hours of signing on if possible). However, with IBO being new and uninformed it is easy to miss that you just signed up you and your family for a minimum of 1 or 2-year contracts for all of these services where most cable companies do not require a contract. There is also typically losts of extra fees for activation, equipment and shipping. Cancellation policies are very short to assist in 'locking' in these agreements.

Although many complain to BBB they got duped, they are careful point out you agreed to the contract terms which are very challenging to understand being new and hastily signing people up.

I would highly recommend AVOIDING ACN as the deals are generally poor, the terms are biased in favor of ACN and you will only be helping ACN exploit your friends, family and associates.


You happy reps are not listening to the issue here. It's not just "you get what you put in" you should be saying.

What about the many comments above about the service failing and no support services when needed and having to pay even when cancelling with ACN????

None of you have addressed these very serious statements. You're all sounding like cult members.


Does skype have video communication AND local and long distance UNLIMITED for only $29.99 a month? No.

You people probably failed at being successful because your too busy wasting your time playing "poor me" and posting *** on here pointing your finger at a good company for your failiure to have a long term commitment.

Just trying to get someone to feel bad for you or something.. Grow up.

@Happyy Repp

No, because it's FREE.


Both my sister and parents joined for the $500 fee, it has been 3 months, they often lose all phone and internet use and can rarely contact a CS rep. The problem isn't the pyramid scheme - frankly I don't care - if you can make money and are comfortable with how you do it fine - its taking money from people, making them sign contract, promising them a service and then not withholding your (ACN's) part of the contract.

If you can't provide the service then individuals should be able to get out! My parents have switched companies, and are still being forced to pay ACN for services they were promised and never received, my sister is still fighting them, she wants her $500 back - and so she should have it, it the months she has had ACN service there have been 2 family emergencies both times her phone was out of service, what if this happened to you (ACN rep.) what would your response be?


how can you harass someone on using something they already use.your making money on people paying their bills.


Waw, yes ACN is a scam. It's too bad their reps try to improve their own lives by ruining the lives of others.

What makes it a scam is that the company is a pyramid scheme fronted by a token product that not only has little value, but is meant primarily for internal consumption among ACN reps (the videophone).

Since you can't even spell the word "scam" right, I assume you won't understand my explanation. Don't worry, you'll understand what being scammed means in the next year once you quit ACN and start licking your wounds and eating crow.


so is virzon a skam or dishnetwork all the a.c.n reps are trying to do is make a beader life. so amway is a skam mary kay a skam so everything is a skam im not going to work on mondy bekus its a skam :(


craftycornbeef, it sounds like you have been brainwashed by ACN. They tell you that all negative people are just lazy losers.But the reality is that ACN turns people into losers, even ambitious hard workers.

Australia is a particularly bad location to do ACN in as well. Because you have a small population spread out over a vast area.

Good luck making any money once your target market is exhausted and the few reps and customers you get end up quitting. You'll find out the truth sooner or later, give it time mate.


all the negative people need to wake up to themselves. If you don't put effort into anything, you simply will not succeed.

ACN constantly reinforce that.If you are hounding your friends and relo's, you are doing the wrong thing to them. I offered ACN to all mine, once, and once only, then moved on. Some took up the offer, and some didn't, so what?? And I don't need to cross to the other side of the street either.

I made sure that I didn't "harass" my friends, and ACN recommend that approach. In Australia ACN is growing in leaps and bounds, and I am happily a part of that.

The sevices and products here are fantastic. No, I am not making a fortune yet, as I have only been part of this, for a few months, but I will do very nicely, over time, in the long term, and in the meantime, I will be saving a lot of money on my telecommunications bills.Don't believe all the negative *** posted by people that have failed because of laziness


ACN is the type of business you join if you want people to cross the road to the other sidewalk away from you when they see you on the street. You harass your family, your friends, you try to make them believe a bunch of BS and useless *** I will NEVER use ACN because there are so many better alternatives. The only reason this company survives is because of snakes like Dezerae FIrestone and Happy Rep who try to fool people into believing BS.

*** ACN


BY the way the video phone is amazing and skype is hackable and doesnt come in right as for the video phone it comes in perfect and noone can *** into your conversation. :p :) :grin ;) 8)


I also work for ACN and I love it. I came across ll these comments and all I have to say is life is what you make of it. ACN can work for anyone as long as they have the desire to move forward in life and be successful.

@Dezerae Firestone/ Jobe

Life is what you make it and ACN works if you work it. People are looking for a get rich quick scheme, ACN takes work as anything worthwhile does.

People like to make excuses why things aren't right in their lives instead of working on themselves. Thanks Dezerae for your comments, I agree with you.

@Way to Go

You must be a brainwashed cool aid drinker too.I suppose both of you think your helping people.Good grief!

@Dezerae Firestone/ Jobe

So you love working for ACN.You must love harrassing people to buy services from you.I suppose you also enjoy trying to trick people into coming to pyramid meetings and then taking 500 dollars of their hard earned money!ACN may work for people with no scruples but it does not work for me.

Jeff A

First of all, you can use Skpe for free, so saying you're saving money is farse. Furthermore, Vonage and other services are less, esp. with their $14.99 introductory service, and then there's magic jack with is the least.

The other thing is, family and friends probably won't have this over priced *** video phone, they're probably using skype too because it works better and is free.

This company sucks, they didn't do anything to assess my viability toward being a rep. and were misleading. And, on top of that their services sucked. I wasted over $1000 on the franchise cost, their marketing material, time, gas, getting services i didn't want or need, etc... only to humiliate myself to my friends and family trying to get my "warm market" to my "PBR's". For me it SUCKED! If you want to make money and help people, don't do ACN, in my opinion it does the exact opposite.

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