SO, I'm a 53 year old who has worked very hard all my life to get what I have today, some Freedom and Independence; its not much but I am content; I have learned the value of hard work and life long learning. And NOTHING was given to me, I earned it.

For those of you looking for a handout, or just didn't take the time to fully understand ACN, I'm saddened, I've never been happier, more excited, and positive in my Life since Ive joined ACN.

Being a working person as you all are- I have always been skeptical, and remained so, towards Network Marketing, However, after EDUCATING MYSELF, I see the true value, and opportunity, all I needed was a little faith, and to get out of my own way.

its sad how people assume something, without REALLY knowing the facts- I Wish all of you the Financial security your seeking, as I have found. Good Luck Too All

Reason of review: Good quality.

ACN Pros: Wonderful exciting.

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Totally agree with you! Best decision of my life!!!

I feel so sorry for all the negative people who seem to be jealous of other people's success. It's sad that they have fallen on such hard times that the only joy they seem to get is from trying to bring down people who have achieved success. My Daddy always told me not to worry about individuals who try to bring me down, it just means that I above them.

So my prayers for each of you is to find peace and happiness so that one day you will have a sense of belonging, be able to make friends, and find a reason to be happy about the blessings you have in your own life! :)


Very nice that you offer a prayer for everyone that you assume is jealous and negative. Unfortunately, it seems a huge majority of people in your company do NOT succeed.

We would all love for the company to disprove us with median income numbers - but they refuse. You don't have to be a genius to figure out why... So, jealousy really doesn't come into play, does it? Perhaps the people that write these posts are trying to warn others that despite the big income numbers they will "be in a position to earn" - very few do.

If your hair was on fire, would you want someone to tell you, or would you pray for them because they are negative...

Prayer is great, and so is reality... Ask you company to prove us all wrong...


In the above testimonial, replace "ACN" with "Scientology", or any other cult and re-read it. See what I mean?

Just like religious cults, MLM companies go after the weak, the hopeless, those who are easily fooled to devote their life to selling subpar products and buy into the baseless hype. No successful major company operates these ways---because they don't need to. If you need a show, smoke, mirrors, glitter and screaming testimonials and conferences with people preaching how working for a pyramid company changed their life and saved their soul...you've involved with a Mid Level Marketing company.

Without the smoke screens and uber happy life coaches with promises of riches if you just "work a little harder!" "be a little more positive!" "call or Facebook every single person you've ever had an interaction with in your life and persuade them to work under you"...you know the company is a joke and a half. As PT Barnum said "There's a sucker born every minute (and most of them sell herbalife / ACN/ Amway)" ;-)


You sound like you're in a cult.


How much are you making exactly? What amount do you consider 'financial security'?


Your comments are unbelievably ironic...!!! In particular - you're urging everyone to educate themselves and know the facts.

OK - if you REALLY have done that yourself as you claim, then tell us this: What is the median income for an ACN Rep?; What is the attrition rate for the last five years? ; Why do you think ACN refuses to share those numbers???!!!

People out here do want to educate themselves - WITH FACTS - not opinions... Please holler back when you have something concrete to share!


If you reverse your testimony, you're actually succumbed to brainwashing. Boy, you went backwards. Have fun drinking the ACN Kool-Aid!

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