There are many people who are complaining about ACN! I have read this one sentence many times from people: "Its been 1 month and I have not made a lot of money".

What a joke! Ask yourself one question... Did I really give the company a fair try? Is it the company or is it you which is the problem?

Educate yourself about Network Marketing and stop complaining. Fact is ACN and Network Marketing is not for everyone.

If there is one thing that I can say that may help you be successful it would be to learn as you earn! If not I heard Mcdonalds is hiring.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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haven't you realized people have completed degrees and even masters with first class still struggling. These are people who have learnt.

Be true and genuine.

Why don't know teach those who have failed your techniques!!The fact is they don't teach you everything because you'll outsmart and outshine. They only teach you to become a follower and not a leader.


Learn as you earn! What a beautiful fantasy for most people in this business!

Doesn't ACN acknowledge that most IBOs don't make a profit? Don't outside sources indicate that very few actually make a profit, and that multiple IBOs at the RVP level have even left this company because they didn't make enough money? Can we agree that RVPs have probably put in more than a month - as this poster suggests - before checking out?

Check it out yourself!!! You may learn something, but the earning part doesn't seem to work for people that have paid their dues, and their money to do this!!

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