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I ordered Business Digital Talk on March 18, 2011. After going thru the specs and what they needed versus what I need for my business it made no sense to go with ACN. ACN charged my AmEx on 3/18 for equipment and usage prior to completing the inquiry. While working with the agent on 3/20, we both came to the realization that the ACN product would no work for me. At that time I was told the order would be canceled and I would receive a full refund.

Here it is June 2, 2011. I still have not received a refund nor can I get anyone at ACN to return a phone call or respond to my dilemma. I have been trying for over a month to speak to someone and no one will return my phone call.


Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $302.

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Well I guess I was right, MattR is an ACN rep. Matt, I'm glad you find it to be a good business. Many others do as well otherwise they wouldn't be in the MLM business. They are like predators hunting the less fortunate and destitute. That is what MLM's do and why history has shown they are on the rise during slower economic times. During better economic times they don't do as well because more people are able to find more "traditional" type work.

As for me, I am a successful business owner doing well for himself in the lean times.

To anyone that reads this, don't waste your time or money with ACN. In my opinion, it's not worth it.


MattR thank you so much for the video.People can say what they want to say but the fact remains that there is money in ACN,the company is a solid company and it has been in the business for 20 years.Kudos to the co-founders of ACN.I am very fortunate to be apart of this business.thank you!!!


Matt you are delusional. The phone and the service sucks in plain english.

The phone was in my deceased fathers name, and they said I should just use his card and leave it in hks name.after.a few months in this *** company I was able to cancel the phone and my website. I had to change my account info in order tl stop the charges and penalties for early termination.

And had to threatened them about using my fathers cc. This company needs to be shut down.


Glad to hear you are happy with it MattR. After filing a dispute with American Express, ACN finally called me back to inform me they issued a refund to settle the dispute.

MattR may have a good experience, but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule. As for me and my experience, ACN was not true to their word, there was no follow up, they were not honest with me whether that be policy or lack of support from within the organization.

The fact I could not even get a return call from my upline when I was having problems lets me believe that it's their policy to not deal with problems, just keep trying to enroll more people within their organization. The only call I got from her was to ask if I would be a customer of hers in the new energy business! What a joke.


Matt R must be a ACN rep. He is the ONLY one who claims ACN id great.

Matt R

I have commercial digital talk with ACN and it is AWESOME!!! Saved me a lot of money over what I was paying before and the equipment is amazing. Customer service helped me through the entire process.

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