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i used 1010aol to make my long distance phone calls on acn phone everything seem ok when i got my no discount called the 1010 company i was told ACN is not working with them, for example a calling a number 4164534567 and i dial 10104164534567 i should have gotten a message saying number am call is wrong try again?, the rep at 1010 said yes but what ur company ACN did is disregard the 1010 and put ur call thru without u knowing ur using ACN expensive long distance plan,ACN cheated me and don't seem to care when i call spoke to a nasty rep

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Thank you for your response ACN, Iwas hoping to hear form someone... I have not had good luck in having the various companies and phone calls to decline on the services that were signed up "for" me as the rep who signed up the "sprint wireless modem" failed to tell me what the password was and i have to go into the sprint office to decline...

(hard for me as i am disabled) spinal cord surgery.... I refused the item yesterday when it came in the mail, now i have to try to discontinue that and the video phone...I was not told that i would be charged and billed for all of these items...on top of the 499.00 !!!so i hope this goes smooth....or smoother...i should say. it was sure tons of phone calls !!!

and im still not done!!! called rep, she could not help me stating "no one has ever cancelled before" ???


Yolanda123, if you signed up as an independent representative on July 29, 2010, you are still within the 10 day window of time to cancel your distributorship for a refund. Call ACN representative services at 704.260.3226 to make your cancellation.

You may also ask them to connect you with a member of the Compliance Department if you would like to report unethical behavior by independent representatives in the field. If you feel as though you experienced anything disreputable or illegal, please let us know.


I am hoping to get my refund shortly, I signed up July 29, 2010 and resigned today...This will really show what kind of company ACN is... First at the meeting i was not informed on the work involved in order to attemp to break even, and the longevity, where i am feeling that this is a scam, is due soley that these people are pressuring people to sign up, even knowing, in my case that i was disabled and would not be able to do what is required (which was not discussed to me prior) in order to make are we going for poor, desperate, disabled people , or are you a company that will refund all of my money, reverse my services that I did not need, and make this an easy process????

I will keep you all posted...

there should be ethics in this, if people are obviously disabled, poor, elderly.... I will see what the Americans with disability Acts, will say if this case proves difficult


If you have the full phone plan with long distance you don't have to use some other long distance system to make your calls. I pay for unlimited calling at a low cost and don't have to use other sources.


We are very sorry to hear that you feel as though you have been incorrectly charged for your long distance service. Please contact our call center at 877-226-1010 in order to have your situation reviewed by one of our customer service managers.

We have prepared our managers to help handle your case. Hopefully we can get this worked out to your satisfaction.

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