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If you start-up your own business you "eat what you kill". If you don't follow to advice and mentoring you will have a hard time.

Well i had a hard time. I had health issues to deal with and family issues. Even so i started to follow the mentoring and I am becoming successful. Like others have said, you talk to people you will talk to anyway, ask questions you would ask anyway, and you help the people you care about.

The bible say 'if you don't work you don't eat" Do you want to waste you life and lose time with people you care about, or have the freedom to help the down trodden, lift the lowly, Honor you God through you Giving back. Service takes very hard work. Hard work pays high rewards.

ACN is not for the lazy, or corrupt.

There are followers, and they sit in their cubicle and tote the company line.

There are leaders, they bend reality to their vision, they Ask their God for the Strength to go on so they serve those they Love.

My relatives ask me "How have you changed the world today?"

My question to you is ... How will you change the World? for Good, or for Bad?

Misery loves company, and Winner love competition. Are you a Winner or a Loser?

Reason of review: Good quality.

ACN Pros: Flash wireless, Opportunity, Fast response.

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This isn't even your business, so your wasteful comment is irrelevant.


Why are ACN reps so condescending? You say ACN is God's work, but turn around and ask if someone is a winner or loser? That is just tacky.


I'm truly fascinated reading all these complaints from people that are not able to spell - even with spellcheck, and people who fail at a business because they have not put in to it what you need to. So many cry's sad.


ACN isn't for the honest either. If you told your prospects everything they needed to know before they signed up, would they?


"If you don't follow to advice and mentoring you will have a hard time. "

This is the problem with ACN.

They tell you to follow what they say and everything will be fine. If after a year you don't make any decent money and complain about it, you'll be told it's because you didn't follow what was told and the problem is not ACN but only yourself.

People need to eat this up and decide to either continue being ripped off or quitting ACN, which is not as easy as it sounds since it's such a cult. You won't want to lose your "friends" so you'll end up staying and continue wasting your time.

Read more and learn about their shady business at


What an interesting post. This anonymous writer can put articulate sentences together, and follow them with sentences with very poor grammar...

There is the typical attempt to connect this company to God's will, and the ending challenge for us to change the world - or not.... First of all, I would love ANYONE in this company to show us all, once and for all, that MOST PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY MAKE ENOUGH MONEY TO CHANGE ANYTHING, LET ALONE THE WORLD. Publish the median income!!! The only reason I can think of that you won't, is perhaps the median income is NOT life-changing, epic, world-changing, or enough to help anyone - including yourself.

Out of the hundreds of thousands of people that have been recruited (if you believe what the SVPs tell you about the size of their teams) - how many people at this company are changing the world??? Seriously - how many?? How many of you out there have relatives that ask you how you've changed the world today???!!! How many of you really believe the only way you actually can help the world, is to recruit friends and family (your "warm market") into a MLM spot - and hope they do the same???

How many believe that the Lord's work is all about having more money to work with???!! And finally, how many believe we can do the Lord's work and help others the way Jesus and His disciples did - with no $$ residuals - no money, leaving everything material behind (that, by the way, is actually in the Bible for those that may not be aware...)???


You know, if you put half the effort into the business as you do this silly site, you wouI'd have different feelings about ACN.

ACN is not the problem - you are. Stop blaming other people or things to cover your failures.

I used to be a cry baby and focus on what was wrong with other people or things. I now realize that it is me - not them.

It's a hard pill to swallow, but it us true. Now your gonna don't know me...bla bla bla


"Stop blaming other people or things to cover your failures ...". Isn't that what you're attempting to do with John?

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