Fayetteville, North Carolina

I joined ACN in April of 2014. I'm not a millionaire yet and its already June 2014!

To be honest, no one told me I wasn't going to have to work for it. They said it was going to take time. They said it was all what I make it. They told me that most people quit in their first year. I am aware that this is not a get rich quick scheme and that I probably wont be able to quit my full time job and live off my residual income check.

I have to make phone calls, meet with people, and explain why it isn't a pyramid scheme. I deal with negative people and positive ones. In the end, I have to talk to a lot of people before I find someone who wants to hear me out. This is typical in sales. 1 in 10 people will say yes.

However, after less than 45 days I have seen a lot of benefits from joining the ACN team and their process really does work if you follow it.

I save over $100 a month on my bills than before I joined ACN. That's $1200 in savings for the year. My $500 investment is already worth it.

I signed up my friends and family as customers. I net about $12 a month off 10 different people. That's not a lot but its $12 a month for years and that number will grow as I grow my customer base. SLOWLY! because it doesn't happen over night. 12X12=$144 for the year.

I have signed up 5 different people as IBOs under me. I have helped each of them become qualified and I make a small percentage off their residual income. I think it comes out to being an additional $30 a month. 12X30=$360 for the year.

I've earned over $500 in bonuses for reaching specific goals. This motivates me to work harder.

However, I stick to the process, I meet my goals, I earn my bonuses. It works if you're willing to accept that this is a marathon race to success and not a sprint to fast cash.

Lets do the math...

-$500 Sign up money

+$1200 savings

+$144 personal residual

+360 tier residual

+500 bonuses




I hope you give something positive a chance and don't listen to everything you hear. Try it for yourself.

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Yes, if you work a little and follow their lead you do make your bonuses. I have already recouped my cost of entering the business with bonuses and will be looking forward to the larger residual down the road.

Their are thousands of IBO's doing great in this business. It is the haters that don't like to work think they can get a quick million off of a few months.


Thousands doing great... that sounds terriffic!

Now, show us some proof ? With so many of you doing great, I'm sure ACN would love to publish the median income of all US Reps - it's a great selling point for you as you recruit!

On the other hand, the only legit reason they won't publish the proof behind your claim is because there are not thousands that are doing great, and maybe not even hundreds. But hey, we don't need to guess at this - put the numbers on the table!


Anyone using "Anonymous" for their name are clearly ACN reps. The money is in recruiting people.


Sadly, you will discover that after much effort and spending much money you will end up not making much money. There are always those rare individuals that are able to become wealthy doing these types of businesses but they are few and far between. About 98% of people in these businesses will not make any money and in fact they will end up losing money.


Be sure to comment again when you've become that millionaire!

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