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Lets be honest about this "title". The easy part is - are you really a business owner.

The easy answer is - no ! Business owners decide which products they want to offer, and which ones they don't. You don't make that decision. You can choose to sell, or not to sell something, but you do not have a vote in the product lineup.

If you are not sure about this - look at what has happened with ATT and T-Mobile... You are asked to sell their service, and then it is discontinued. If you sold T-Mobile, your customers bought T-Mobile compatible cell phones that may not work on the Verizon and Sprint networks. And now you have to convince them to transfer to- Verizon or Sprint, and they will probably have to buy a new phone in the process.

IF you really ran your business, would you do this to your customer - make them switch and buy a new phone to do you a " huge favor"? This is not the first, and possibly not the last time this has happened... Now let's talk about "independent". Seriously- how can you but into that??

Have you not heard some of the "training" speakers tell you "what you have to do to succeed"? Why you have to attend their meetings, what you have to bring people to them, and most painfully- why you have to address your problems with someone other then them? Sure, they might offer to put it into their RVP or SVP "Hotline" - but if you've had this experience - has anything actually been resolved??

Lastly, you operate under their compensation plan - not yours - a HUGE difference from being an independent business owner. Please be sure ask your presenters to address these points when they are telling you about how you will now become an entrepreneur!!!

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Spot on ! People doing this business are middle-men selling services and products connected to other companies.

They buy many of the services they sell themselves, and ask friends to do them a favor and buy some as well.

And, they try to recruit the same friends to sign up. How does that make anyone an entrepreneur???


Sounds like this is the Mary Kay model in the cell phone business... they do the same things - home meetings, sell product to friends and try to recruit them, but, do they also get a pink cadillac??!!

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