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Acn preys on people looking for a business opportunity. They pimp members (without representing them) to gain cutomers, knowing that the work procedure is designed for the member to fail leaving Acn with customers that was left with company when member is no longer a member.

I am surprise the company is still running. I call this preditor pratice. They have hired actors speaking and dressing as if they are multi millionares. I saw one spoke person who was suppose to be a millionare with a big hole in her sock at a bally's

work out center.

She was working out without gym shoe and had *** in her sock. She did not see me. I was so disturbed by it I left. I then payed more attention while attending conferences and saw that these people speaking wore the same outfits repeatedly.

Even though the phone service is real you will not have no portion of the business. You will not become a dealer of acn.

They will not represent you and you are not to use there name under no circumstances. It is truly a pimp game.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Rule #1 - If it costs you money to get a job, chances are it's a SCAM.

If you pay money for the opportunity to sell yourself products.. you're a fool.


@A Lawyer

I think its funny that the people talking about Network Marketing being a scam usually have no back bone and do not leave their real name. "A Lawyer" cmon, really? this is ridiculous.

You are buying into a proven system. If you talk to a lot of people, you will make a lot of money.. Talk to no people, you will make more money.

If you are a Lawyer, think about this:

You went to school for over 5 years. Spent probably hundreds of thousands of dollars before you were able to practice law or make any money... Isn't this true? It took you 5 years to even be allowed to represent either a firm or an individual.

The point I am making is this:

There will be people in ACN for example that make no money, and there will be people that go to law school and drop out. Is law school a scam? No, the person who quit will probably quit everything else in life as well.

You will never meet anyone in network marketing specially ACN who has been in the industry for over 5 years saw anything negative towards the industry. We build networks and multiple distribution circles. CNN, NBC, FOX.. .are all Television "Networks", Mcdonalds is a network. ACN is an opportunity to create a network within a network were the only way to get to the top is by helping others...

FYI, you can study network marketing at Harvard Business.. Just so happens that the acceptance rate is about 1.5% one of "The hardest" school and programs to get into.

So, I guess anyone can be anyone online, and it wont even matter what I use as my name....

Email me if you would ever want to talk about this some more.


Wow, I dont know who or what you saw but I know first hand that the SVP's that represent ACN really have made it financially. So here is the deal, stop judging and making assumptions - especially when you have ni idea what you are talking about.


Why would people come to a "negative site" like this to post reviews about companies they hate? The same reason someone would come to defend those companies.

Obviously, if it's worth defending, then there is something to protect. In this case it's ACN's image, which is tied directly to it's ability to proliferate it's scam. The complainers know full well that they are deterring prospects and future reps from joining everytime they post something bad about ACN online. Just like when you come here to post "things aren't that bad" you are doing it for the opposite reason--trying to draw in new reps and keep people from being turned off.

That's why people from ACN will always come back here and make new posts to try to "bump away" the bad ones. But it's a losing battle, just like the ACN opportunity itself.


Never let these dumb broke minded people talk you out of something that will make you finanially fee. They don't care about you.

They just want to keep as many people down like them. These people would say just about anything to keep you away because they are either lazy or got deactivated for breaking an ACN rule and spread rumers and many lies. ACN is a great company and if you work your business and stay away from these crapy broke minded people comments you will be very successful.

My advice is never take advice from people that don't have the life style you want. Ask the question do they really have my best intrest in helping be successful or they just some broke mined person that wants nothing out of life but to screw over people dreams.


My big question about this site is why do people come to this site to look for negative things about companies? I mean come on people.

No one is perfect same with any companies. Every person has it's good and bad moments just like any business does. If you read all the comments on pissed and rip off and judge that experiance on them comments. Than you would never leave the house to go shop anywhere or work anywhere, you would let people talk you out of living your life.This site stinks of ***.

Have you ever had any bad comments said about you in your life? Some of it may be true we can agree. But most of it was a garbage as a sewer underground. Many where lies and such.

So lets make a deal to always seek out the positives and what can back up them positives.

Lets stay away from sites like these that are full of ***. You and I both know that this site is full of ***.



ITS FUNNY CUZ THE GIRL WHO ASKED ME TO MEET BROUGHT HER FRIEND WHO I GUESS BEEN THERE 5 YEARS!!! think bout it how long that is.... guess what kind of car he drove???

1995 acura intergra not even washed!!!

i almost bust in tears from laughing, seriously i used to buy and sell those cars and go though them like sunflower seeds

but i guess there is those people who make it to the top, true its pimp game!





...classy Conejo...classy.


Well my friend, what you are saying is alot of BS, because I know several people in ACN that started out just like many are, and they are friends of mine and certainly not actors. By reading your complaint..its sounds like to me that you are a disgruntled ex acn representative that just sat on the couch and missed the boat. Too should of read some self improvement books.

Yours truly,


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