Instead of listening to people who obviously did NOT work at building their business, judge for yourself by speaking to those who actually are involved in ACN & follow the system. Just attend 1 local business overview & you can check things out & ask your questions.

Also, don't think all of the so-called negatives are actually legitimate, as those in competing companies can flood the internet with anything they want to write disparaging their competition. All I am saying is that the internet is probably not the best place use in making your decision concerning ACN.

Type is Google is a scam & see what comes up. LOL

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Lol funny but google does not ask u for $499 does it??


Good idea - see for yourself! Well, I did.

A friend of mine has been hounding me to go meet with her "business partners", to see what "the opportunity we have our hands on". I had already asked her some questions, and got very vague answers. But I took this see for yourself advice, and I'm glad I did. It was almost as if the whole thing was scripted and rehearsed.

When a speaker said something, many in the audience applauded, cheered, stood up - just like the TV shows where the audience reacts to the prompt cards! I'm not big on monkey-see monkey do, but it didn't bother me. What did bother me was when they showed these slides that showed "how much you can earn", with each box having a larger number - up to $50,000 per month (or there-abouts). I asked a bunch of people around me if they made that much - and they laughed!

No one did! Then some SVP woman told us to pick an amount we wanted to earn in the first month, and drew some circles showing how many people we had to recruit to get paid that much. So simple. Just go out and recruit X # of people, and get them to buy some services, and you're all set!

So, I asked some of the folks there if it really was that easy, and once again, they laughed. SO I asked them if they were making any money, and the answers ranged from "not yet, to enough to pay for a meal at McDs once a month. Then I asked how long they had being doing this - some were new, and still believed things would turn around, and others had been in this from a year to 4 years - and their conviction about this "opportunity" was pretty much gone. I asked them if they went to the special events (20,000 people every few months), and most of them said no, it was too expensive and they didn't make their money back.

Apparently it can cost about $1,000 or more (including admission, 2-3 days of hotel, airfare, cabs, and meals) for each event, and they have mostly the same speeches and speakers at all the events. It sounds like they pay folks like Trump, Maxwell and Andrews to rotate, but it's almost always them, the Company owners, and the same few SVPs that deliver the same messages. It sounds odd to me, but some of the speakers pound on the attendees to "don't quit!" So, I asked the folks if that was why they didn't throw in the towel if it didn't work? They ALL said, no - not because of that, but because they all had heard stories about people that left that were talked about as "quitters and losers", and that even senior-level people had nasty things to say about people that just wanted out.

There were some other things that didn't sit well, but I won't go into them here.

In the end, I did see for myself, and while it was only supposed to be an hour, it was worth the three hours to talk to the people that don't have the script. I actually feel bad for the many people that were sold on this deal by friends, and they will be lucky if they even make their investment and expenses back.

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