Capitol Heights, Maryland

I visited this site a little less than a year ago when I was first introduced to ACN. I read through the complaints/reviews and was a bit deterred from what I had read.

However, this past September, I joined ACN as an IBO and in the first 30 days, I worked hard and recouped my investment through the monthly bonus promotion. The savings I found by switching my own services, balanced out the minimal expenses I had made thus far. I have a great mentor and I've found true savings for my customers, from Maryland to New York. From this point out, it's all profit for me and I believe that if I work hard, I can find success in ACN.

It's not for everybody, but for some, it's a great business. It's certainly not a "get rich quick," but for the long run, I believe it will work.

I'll be checking back to this site to share my story. But, I recommend that anyone interested, should explore all avenues of ACN and not rely on the comments by those of which did not work out with ACN.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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As any business whatyou put in.....reap the benefits later, and accumulate.

I don't have that in a regular j.o.b.!

After 30 days in a regular business, your asked to do it again, and again, bit for someone else. Why not for yourself?

Work isn't hard...its constant. Be win!


Simply brainwash, attending weekly meetings in the morning and all have to do is clap to fake people, they always introduce the same *** in the meetings ,,always talk about their experience, indeed, only few people success into it ,lot of failures ,but unrevealed. .


Yes with an awsum upline and team and your own efforts into it it does work.


Isn't it ironic that ACN supporters don't want you to know about people this didn't work out for. And they tell you not to read the internet articles those people post, because they are the bathroom wall.

And the way they tell you is - by posting on the internet/ bathroom wall !!! Do you really want to follow these people??!!!


Many companies do not want to reveal the people and how many people they may have lost. This is to not discourage people.

Personal growth is the number 1 in these type of companies. If you cannot feel good about yourself and your capabilities, then one cannot reach their full potential.

Attract first, reveal second. Those with a open mind make it in the world wealthy, and happy.


Well Danny - hope you are wealthy and happy, but any company or person with a good story to tell - tells it... why wouldn't they???!!!

On the other hand, if you can't keep people working for you - I completely understand why a company wouldn't want to air dirty laundry.... An "open mind" is nice, but it is no substitute for common sense...


Why would you not consider comments from people that had a bad experience with ACN? Basing a decision on one-side of the story makes no sense!

Would you ignore recall problems with a car you wanted to buy?

Would you ignore malpractice complaints of a health care provider you were considering?! I want both sides of the story before I decide anything major...


In an economy so bad, you can lose your job very easily. The fact that I can earn residual income appealed to me greatly.

I rather work hard for 5 years and earn for the rest of my life then to work every day and forget to live life. This is the reason I started my business with ACN.

For the ignorant people ranting about how its a scam - yeah right.

Darren Hardy is a scammer, Donald J Trump is a scammer to and the governments of 24 countries to which ACN pays taxes to are scammers.

If youre a quitter and love to quit and give up on everything, don't make your hate influence other people's decisions to change their lives.

Keep working your *** off and live on pay check to pay check.


There goes acn rep calling detractors names and telling them they are broke. This is getting old.


Acn, does it mean american "cult" network? I just had a friend calling me over to her "friend's" place(which I discovered later was her mentor's mother's house) so I can listen to her ACN pitch..

Her mentor told me he was a TC (which I found out after was a lie because my friend told me after that he dint reach that lv yet..) And that he made 12000$ gross monthly.. Obviously I was a bit skeptical about seeing as he was still pretty young still lived in the basement of his mothers house and dint even own a car from what I got out of our discussion together but nonetheless when in dought I went to check on the reviews on the internet for ACN and now I see all of these amazing comments so what should I do with all of this lol..

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