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I went to one of their meeting and ended signing up. They wouldn't leave me alone to even think about what I was doing.

They wanted me to contact my friends and try to sell them on their concept and you feel pressured and if you can't get people to come into the family they don't stop. If you don't wise up before the first TEN Days- you are out of $500. Look at the company you join. In the fine print there is a way of getting your money back but within 10 days.

If you were not in on the business when it was first started years ago, you will not be rich when you get older. The only ones who will be rich are the one that have been there in the beginning. People are getting smarter. Why switch to an inferior product that they want to sell you to save a few bucks.

In the long run , they never let you go. Keep selling!!!!!!!! They want to get young people to join and tell them over and over that if they quit they are a loser. Family wants support their kids but they will never stop wanting them to sell and get more people to join- the higher-ups are making the most from this.

The conventions and seminars all cost money at your expense- so if you make their goals, your are then at a lost when you spend your bonus to go to the seminar.

I am giving you advice-RUN FOR THE HILLS- but don't forget you can get out within 10 days. Usually within 7 days you know its not for you if you really think and GET OUT.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Hey man! What do you have to do to get the refund?


Couldn't disagree more!I've been involved for less than a year and will beIf you want a better insight on ACN - check out http://whoisacn.comIt is a shame that some are introduced into ACN and not adequately trained or mentored or supported)Unfortunately the ACN model is only as good as the support you get from your team, your mentors and those who introduced you. If you don't get good support it will be a tougher run for anyone.Any Essential services company is going to drop the ball from time to time, the companies I have seen partner with ACN in Australia are reputable companies - Vodafone, NBN Co, Telstra Wholesale, Anovia to name a few.

My experience with ACN as a service provider is that have gone above and beyond to resolve any issues I have faced along the way - FOR MY OWN SERVICES as well as any of my customers.Going to seminars or getting additional education is standard practice for many industries. It is not uncommon to pay $700 or more for a weekend conference - so I am not at all surprised at the $175 cost for their conference.


this is the stupidest review. the higher ups make the most?

really? wow must be a scam!!

unbelievable.. that is so wrong...


This is the stupidest review....the actual review was actually pretty helpful. Wish i wouldve read original review earlier.

Yours on the other hand, pretty ***. Where did the actual review ever mention anything about what you mentioned?

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