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My wife has been an ACN rep for the last 2 years and working a full time job at the same time. I own my own business, so I don't put much time into ACN. But I have helped her sign people up for services and with customer support, so I'm fully aware of the good and not so good. Is ACN perfect? No, but I haven't encountered any perfect companies. I will say right up front that we've spent more than we've made going to training events and such, but that's our fault, not the company's.

This company brokers name-brand services and provides customer support. The services are the same that you'd get directly through the vendors, i.e. Direct TV, Dish TV, Century Link & ATT internet/phone, Vivint/ADT security, Verizon/T-Mobile/Sprint cell service through Flash Wireless. Some of these services I really like, some I don't. Those I don't like, other people I know do. Not all the services are suited to everyone, e.g. Centurylink and AT&T DSL internet is good in areas close to network nodes with fiber-optic lines, not so good other places. Dish and Direct are, well...Dish and Direct. ACN just offers a slightly lower rates, and for Dish the normal two year contract, but with a 3 year price lock-in that you can't get direct from Dish. Oh, and cable is not a service they offer...not because they don't want to but because the cable conglomerates have a monopoly and aren't willing to share.

Flash wireless service is the best service they offer in my opinion (Verizon/T-Mobile/Sprint). Saved us $1,200/yr and I've seen people that have saved $2,500/yr. We also have Dish, Vivint and landline phone through ACN...all of which I like and pay either less or the same as going direct to vendors, but we make a small percentage fo those bills back. ACN also rewards customers for referrals, sign up 5 other customers and the average of those bills comes off your bill...potentially free service. Show me another cell phone, internet or energy company that will do that.

So like any service you sign up for, do your homework and figure out what will work for you. Stop wining that ACN did you wrong. They market services through people rather than ads, but they are still marketers. It's up to you to determine if the service will work for you...the same as when you sign up for service directly with vendors.

I've read a lot of reviews on this and other sites, and most of the complaints are from people that don't have a clue what a scam is (pyramid or otherwise) and don't seem to have any clue who is providing their service. Then there are those that became reps and seemed to think it was a lottery ticket. ACN is like any business; it takes a lot of time, hard work and resilience to make it big. Only 1% of the population makes it big in business, and the same rule applies to ACN. However, unlike most traditional businesses, the investment and risk is small. I see a lot of people complain that they paid $500 to become a rep and didn't make any money. OMG, do you have any clue what it takes to start a traditional business, let alone what it takes to succeed!!!? Talk to people that didn't succeed in traditional businesses and see how many hours they worked per week and how much they lost...80 hrs/wk and a loss of $250k+ is very common.

Listen, sales is not for everyone. If you don't make it big with ACN, it's either because you are not good at sales and the interpersonal skills needed, or you aren't willing to sacrifice the time, effort and money it takes to succeed big in business. It takes a super strong vision/dream, unwavering dedication, and sacrifice for extended...and usually money...for periods of time to make it big in any business. So if you're not happy with your lack of success in ACN, take a close look at yourself and your actions before you start blaming ACN. It's like any other business...you get out of it what you put into it...and there are no guarantees. ACN's success is based on their reps' success, so they provide a lot of support to train and develop you. It's almost like self-development training disguised as a business. But it's up to you to do what's needed. If you're not willing to change the way you work, or develop your professional skills, then you're probably better off being an employee rather than a business owner. The risk and effort are a lot less, but so is the potential for financial independence.

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If trump is in it then it's gotta be legit


"... you're probably better off being an employee rather than a business owner.

The risk and effort are a lot less..." This is, yet another condescending comment by an ACN supporter, denigrating people that have jobs and work hard at them to make a living. No true professional would make a remark like this, let alone in a public forum.


OK - you are placing the blame for the lack of success on the victim, which is ridiculous. These people are recruited, without any qualification ("show the business to everyone you know").

Why? Because their so-called mentors/ leaders tell them to. Play your international event dvds back, and see for yourself! Many RVPS have left this business and they surely know more about how this business pays, or doesn't, then the neophytes that are complaining here.

Training is a bad joke. You get recruited by a friend or relative after a day or two, and they train you... seriously...???!! What can you possibly know about a brand new business in a day or two??

It's no wonder people that paid there $499 in good faith get frustrated and pull back - when their upline, with no apparent business track record, shows their lack of knowledge and business acumen. Sorry, but I want people with legit business credentials to train me....


Perfect review in my opinion..couldn't have said it any better. I love how the people who complain ate the ones who put in little to no effort at all and expect financial security from everyone else.....I am part of ACN.

Have been an IBO for less than three months and rocking this system....I have maxed our residual income in 4 weeks. Made it to the 100 points club in 60 days. It wasn't easy. It was alot of work.

Anyone can do it. You just have to get off your lazy busts and make it happen. I am a perfect example less than 90 days in the business and have 100personal points. 4 Referred IBO's and total 130 group points.

In less than 60 days...if you are not succeeding that's all on you. Not ACN

@Real Robert Desmarais

how much can you make by having 100 points?


depends. 10 percent of each customers electric or gas bill every month for ever.

just the usage part so about 1/2 of the bill.

if you have a business that is your electric customer, and it pays 10,000.00 a month for electric, your commision would be 500.00 per month for ever. as long as they keep renewing every year. their rates are usually the lowest around here so they probably would stay. plus if you get 10 electric customers, your electric bill is free.

awsome company, but you gotta work hard. the person who got me in makes 12,000.00 per month! after 9 months of hard work.

not bad. Ive been here 1 week and my electric bill is now free.same for phone and gas next two weeks

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