I met Chris Steinbrunn over 2 years ago. When I met him he had just lost his mother as well as his father within months of one another!

Although he was going through this .. he truly was growing thru it! I saw a different side of him . He was saying the same words they were just coming from love and passion.

I truly have never met someone who wants you to win more than him. He will do anything travel hours to meetings, pick the phone up whenever you need him, but probably the most important he will listen to you w no judgement and have as he says hard conversations w you that no one else will. He has not only changed my life but the future of my family’s. I am in my way to being financially free and most importantly time free!

People will put him down cause he has what EVERYONE WANTS FREEDOM ...

they just don’t want to do the work he did to get there. This business he stresses is about others helping others not about yourself

Thank you Chris

Reason of review: My life changed.

ACN Pros: Way people got together, Chance to succeed, Service, Learning how to apply mindset to other comanies, Polite customer service rep.

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