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I'll try to make this a quick story..

About 8 years ago I started a job after high school.

I met a nice guy at my job, a little older than me, that was talking with me, who seemed intelligent and had goals and a good outlook on his future. One day he said something to me that interested me, and that he was planning to retire in the next year or so. Out of complete curiosity, I asked him how he was going to fund this, since he has at least another 50 years in him if he stays healthy. Then he said the magic 3 letter word: ACN.

At first, I have heard of pyramid schemes but I was never really involved in any, or had anybody try to get me involved with any. It sounded great at first, it actually sounded legitimate figuring you're just selling services that people already use, but then some questionable topics came up.

I was told I had to pay $500 to start. When I inquired what this was for, he said to set you up with everything that I need. Do I get a company phone or samples to show people? No. All you get is a website basically and some referral code, people could go online to see what you have. He further explained that when people want a cellphone, now they most likely order it online. Although this may be true now, 8 years ago this was not the case (trust me, I was 18, broke multiple phones, and even with the insurance plan under my fathers account we would go to Verizon for a new one).

Do I have to pay the $500? Yes. Its also required to show the ACN people that you are serious about learning and sales. He also said at one point you have to spend money to make money. Although this is true, if I'm spending $500, I want some physical goods (even CutCo back in the day would leave you with some knives after you couldn't sell anything!).

He tried to get me to signup, and said he would have a rep call me for more details and that they were doing a free information session at the Marriot in Newark NJ. All the big name people would be there.

Rep called me, told me some stuff. Asked for a $500 deposit. Told her I didn't have it. Asked me if I could get $500 from somewhere to secure a spot immediately, and we really need people like you. Then I asked her some more questions..

How about you advance me to $500, and then take it out of my first check? Cant do that. She also explained that you do not go into a new job and ask for your first paycheck in advance. I told her a real job doesn't ask for money from me up front to work for them. She said thats not true, some jobs you have to buy items up front to work, such as shirts or equipment. I said this is true, but also you sign a contract usually on what you will be paid. Wheres my contract guaranteeing this money back? They don't have one..

I told her I was not interested. Still got harassing phone calls for a few YEARS after, probably until about 2009/2010. That guy I knew from work, I would see him around. I'd talk to him, ask him how he was doing, he would say he's still doing great, business is good, and asked if I was interested again. I was real with him, told him I knew business was probably not great for him. Not interested.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

ACN Cons: Mlm, Deceitfulness, Lack of support, Hours of operation, Poor customer service.

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So many people in this company, that really don't have any significant business experience - or that have had bad business experience, but they want to tell you how to run a successful business...!! I've heard them, and talked to them myself - it's crazy !!

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