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I am lawyer by trade, I did not however really drill down on the fine print of the contract, until that is, I experienced their verification process. ANY company that spends more time attempting to complete a very onerous verification process than explaining their service is suspicious.

It was during this process that i began to really question their service. I was told that the pricing of energy is a very complicated issue and that no comparisons to Hydro One could be made. The nebulous Global Energy Charge is where they really attempt to confuse you. There is only one reason why you would go with an alternate energy supplier and that is to save money.

They will not, I repeat NOT, tell you that you will save money. In fact they are very carefully instructed to tell you just the opposite, quickly inserted in their verification process. This is an arbitrage. They buy energy from Hydro One and resell to the public.

They do not pay for repair, or billing or maintenance and simply collect fees which do NOT include the Global Energy feel and which are added to the bill after the fact. They will quote you a rate of 4.7 cents per k/w/h and compare that to Hydro's fee of between 6 to 9 cents per k/w/h depending on time of day use. What they don't tell you is that the Hydro rate DOES include the Global Energy fee, which they tell you they have no control over.

This is a very very sketchy process, you would think they would supply you with a host of different scenario case examples, ie family of 4 using Hydro over the course of a year, and how the bills stack up, they could then give 4 or 5 other examples of different usage situations and comparisons to Hydro showing how their service would save you money. NOT A CHANCE OF THAT HAPPENING, THE MORE I READ THE MORE IT LOOKS LIKE A PYRAMID SCHEME TO ME.

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Energy Electricity Supply.

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