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This company is a ripoff scam. You get nothing for the money you spend, even if you are just buying their AMAZING digital phone service. If you have already signed contracts with them, end the digital phone contract ASAP.

its hard to find a phone number where you can actually do it. 1-877-266-1010 worked for me. What I mean is that the person on the other side said that service and automatic deductions from my debit card would cease. It cost me about 150 bucks. if you keep on paying until your contract is up its around 900.

if you haven't fallen for the *** your friend believes and is feeding you. . . DONT DONT DONT!!!!!!! Its ***, you know its ***, and the people who are telling you it isn't are embarrassed that they fell for it and haven't admitted they have done something *** yet. The worst part is that you might even lose some friends. My spouse and I did.

We didn't lose our friends because we called and yelled at them because we were mad. We lost them because we stopped "investing" in ACN. They are having a very hard time admitting that they're not making money and that they've been had. Just run away as fast as you can.

The company uses people to pressure their friends, who trust them, into wasting money on "investments" and services that have absolutely no return. Its a scam, pure and simple.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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You mvtherfvckers took my fvcken money!!



how much did donald trump get paid for his endorsement? enough to buy a private plane or two?

why dosnt donald trump sign up as a sales rep, or member, or commission agent, or what do they call it business owner home business owner? maybe working just to get your membership fees back and the annaul fees, monthly fees, travel, meetings, meals, fuel transport etc just to break even is not for him.

after you break even then you can make a dollar an hour which you will need then to spend on acn services.

only the guys at the top make the big dollars. thats why maybe donald trump might want to buy the company so all you home business can provide cheap labour for the guys on the top or owners.

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