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As a young person, I've had friends and family come up to me and push these "businesses" as a way to make money. (I grew up working fast food to selling for a telecom, now an accountant.) Amway, Primerica, and a few others have been aggressively pushed to me by different people in my life. As of recent: ACN.

I get a call from this girl I knew back in the day. She's excited about this new business opportunity she has and she wants me to meet up with her and provide her with some support.

I knew what I was going into. But if you ever want to protect yourself from ever getting into this awkward scenario, look for these red flags during your interactions:

- "New business"/"Business opportunity"

- Very vague descriptions on business or products

- Easy Money

- Synonym or use of the word "recruit"

- Lack of product focus

- Withholding company name

I went to the meeting and the first thing I noticed was the cars parked up front. All rust buckets except one. It belong to the person selling "the dream." He talks, sells the idea of "residual income", uses analogy of ad space online or artist loyalties, and his story as part of ACN. Really seemed like a nice guy, but he asks me for $500 before taxes to sign up. Asks for my social insurance number and asks for credit card. I've met this guy only today and he talked for a very short length of time. I declined as I am in the process of moving to a new city with almost double the cost of living. He then had the gall to say "Well I can see that you don't want to make money before you move." I smile and say "Well that's why I'm going out there."

After the meeting, I did my due-diligence because I've never heard of ACN till that day. I found just a massive amount of negative press and information on ACN by those who have been drinking the kool-ade for too long. (You can tell by the smile on their face.) Where I reside - ACN must provide an earning statement on their website. $500 is claimed to be provided - Also all IBOs cannot state how much they make. If you go to the Canadian website - Locate DSA Code of Ethics. Page is 404-Error. Sketchy. Also a lot of the guidelines about cold selling being prohibited. This is not something I want, as it limits any level of my market and down-plays anything I`ve learned as a sales person for a telecom.

I was invited to a seminar today (while writing this), it`s on Friday. I`m going. Not to show support for my friend. Not to invest. Or to find inspiration!

I studied psychology - took an interest in behavior. It would be awesome to see psychopaths in real-life.

To throw it out there, this is my experience with the company. Simply stating my opinion - Some may make money off of this business model. "But if you`re not of that 1% at the top - then you`re the base of the model and your opinion does not matter."

That last line was a quote from the guy sell the dream.

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Brentwood, California, United States #1027036
I attended a "sales pitch" as a favor for an acquaintance -- I don't think that I would/will call them friends. The lead in was that they were starting a business and had some questions. Their "business venture" was the sucker $499 out of me!
I had never heard of ACN Inc (or is it LLC) conflicting information. The selling point was RESIDUAL income off of something that everyone used, it was interesting that the companies that they were promoting (Verizon and DirecTV) do not rate high in my opinion due to issues that I have had in the past with their customer service.
Midway through the 4 (them) on 1 (me) sales pitch I had already told them that I was not interested as it appeared to be an MLM company, which they seemed to brush off. The one hour of my time turned into two when I finally made my escape.
Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1012641
if u want it to work u have to work at it.Everyone that has negative to say about it wants a get rich quick. This is not that but if u work at it everyday as ur business just like u would at ur job 2,3,4 months down the road u will start to grow and 1 to 2 years later u can quit ur job.Its not a get quick rich but its a get rich and have more time and work for urself instead making ur boss rich and being a slave to a job, ur making urself rich and have the time to do what u want. All the rust cars are the ones just starting. Check back with them in a year after working this business they will be driving a better car then u!!!
I just want to say thanks! I enjoyed reading your review it made me laugh. I am researching Acn to see what it is all about!. Another pyramid scam, from people that need $$ the most ! Disgusting! Live the dream !!

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