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Over promise cheaper electricity rates and over deliver actual charges !

Was a former customer of TXU for 20+ years and was guaranteed a monthly savings from ACN and Marc Isaac based on marketing propaganda and lies. Made a switch to ACN and based on the first 28 days of service, my bill was 70% higher----I had not made any changes in my home electricity usage. I decided immediately to pull the plug on these PARASITES when I could not get satisfaction from their customer service department or my upline. Who was there for the $399 but couldn"t be found after. I went ahead and paid their final bill and expected that to be the end of this bad experience. WRONG--these LEECHES reported me to all the credit bureaus for a late charge of terminating my contract. Now my 800+ credit score has dropped below 620 ! Stay away if you are approached about becoming a customer or IBO. (Sales program is a MLM) This is a modified PONZI scheme and you will be burned !

Marc Isaac made statements of guaranteed savings multiple times with promises from his forked tongue. Reported both him and ACN to the energy board and FTC.

Thank goodness TXU welcomed me back with open arms and my savings began again.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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In ACN, we never promised anything “GUARANTEED”. We are highly educated and trained on every service that we offer to our customers. Before we even offer the service , “IT IS A MUST" for us to experience using them, be a customer first, be enrolled to get the necessary points , in order for us to be “QUALIFIED” to do the business!


This is fake page


This article is obviously made by someone who doesn't understand direct marketing and probably did not make an effort to get help from the people within the company. ACN has grown internationally to 24 countries on 4 different continents.

ACN has been profiled in fortune magazine, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, US business review, Direct selling news, Success and success from home magazines. Inc magazine as well put them at #22 of the fastest growing companies in North America. It is today, the largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy, and essential services. No body made statements of guaranteed savings if you just sit on your ***.

ACN is a customer acquisition company, it is only guaranteed savings if you put in the time to get the savings by acquiring customers (refer 5 people to the phone service flash mobile, the phone service is free, you refer 10 people to the energy service XOOM energy, your energy is free). And with ACN services, every time someone pays a bill, every month on one of the services, you feed a child through Project Feeding Children.

I could just keep going and going on why this review is BS but I don't want to waste time trying to convince such short minded people something that they probably don't have the capacity to understand. Hopefully after reading this comment, some people will do more research before assuming this article has any valid argument.


Wow, it's the whole ACN spiel, like literally this is word by word of what a rep would say to persuade you into believing their *** business. You have NO argument, all you did was SPIEL, you obviously are one of the brain washed reps who think they can become a multimillionaire.

Wishful thinking, go do something better with your life like get an education and help people that doesn't evolve selling services. Pathetic.


LMAO this is so dumb and funny. It's like every post that exposes ACN as a scam there are a bunch of ACN cockroaches that come out of their little hole pretending to defend ACN. Y'all are nothing but a little-brainwashed *** who do nothing but spiel and screw people over.


Sad to say but I have been a witness to many a lie. When you attend Marc training things are said that do not add up.

None of his people will show you these huge 10K residual checks that they all have.

I wish I wouldn't of been apart of the opportunity. The loss on the persons bill might be an exaggeration, but people being taken advantage of is part of what they do.


how on earth can you have lost $10k????????

what a freaking liar!

not even if you lived at the kardashians mansion you could spend that much in energy or any other service!

just say it, you were too lazy to work and wanna blame other people!


What a total lie being from the houston marketplace as well , i haven't gotten a light bill higher than $100 with xoom in 7 months ive been with acn and its a house

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