Sacramento, California

I came to this country 12 yrs ago with 2000 dollars in my pocket. Went to college and worked full time job for 5 yrs. I started my company in 2002. I have employees and managers that work in my company, so if someone looks from the side it seems that my job is easy now , all I have to do is control it. Not truth.

I always wanted to hire people like me, how good that would be if I could copy my self.

I learned that I need to hire partners not employee, people who will work for themselves but I will benefit. I found that system.

In November 30, 2009 I heard about ACN and decided to give it a try, just part time. Today 60 days later I am ETL. I made back all my investment and paid my phone bills for year ahead.

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Think about it. Smart people, experienced people, and prudent people will not get conned into going to meetings and signing up for ACN.

Unfortuantely, those are the people you would want on your team. Instead, only young, inexperienced, and unintelligent people will be the ones getting tricked into going to your meetings. Sure, a small percent will be dumb enough to actually sign up, but then what?

Now you have some 18 y/o kid with no business experience asking his parents and friends to join ACN. Then you wonder why he drops out two months later.....?


since 99% of ACN reps pretty much fail what is the difference between you and 99% of society.... you may think that 99% of people have no motivation but I think it is far more likely that 1% have no problem preying on other people.



*** buddy...

Tell me another story Daddy, please.


im gonna enroll my self this month ;)



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