Phoenix, Arizona

ACN is a legitimate telecommunications and energy brokerage. My bills are $50 less each month.

At the end of 10 months, my $500 investment will pay off. Any other bonus money or residual money paid for helping others save money too is just an added bonus. You do not have to pay $500 to save money on your bills nor do others that are signing their services with ACN. There appears to be no foul play here and everyone is a winner.

Like any job or business, you must put forth an effort to succeed because it isn't magic that makes it work, it is your efforts that make it work.

Hard work and time (6-12 months) should be sufficient to evaluate whether or not the system works. I will let you all know.

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Well it's been 10 months. How's it going with ACN?


You are an ***. I pray for you.


Will you sign up someone you know will not do anything to get your bonus? If your answers is yes, please take ACN and shove it up your ***.

@Rick Sutton

ACN does NOT pay bonuses if a rep does not produce. Bonuses are ONLY paid when customers are acquired. Thanks for asking for information.


hahah scam

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