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Hi I joined this because one of frnds. I wasted time and money.

DON'T JOIN.I attended the meeting and all make sense but keep in mind its not true whatever they tell you. you will be surprised at the end. You will never get anything in Residual income. They want you to go their event where they also make money on tickets.

They wont even pickup your phones call once they are done with you. Phone bill will be higher than other companies. Customer service is very bad. My phone bill was 80$ extra then usual.


Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Patrick Dowling and his wife have reaped the rewards by perfecting the art of deception in all ways. Polish it, dress it up, and rehearse the script til it’s unconscious and you are detached from the fact that you are stealing money one victim at a time.

Promise the world, get the money, and leave a trail of wreckage behind you. Low lives, both of them. There are countless people that feel like puking when they think about these two.

They have gone on to praise God in their promotion speeches while they live a life of greed and vanity. Maybe they will find God someday because they are in need some spiritual guidance.


Started this company because of the wife she got hooked in with all that talk of residual income and bonus' and the way they make you feel all appreciated and that you are a natural at this just to have you buy into it. We have yet to see any of the money given back to us with these so called bonus and residual.

They said to us any means to get the money to start the business use your moms credit card or anyone's you can get a hold of and that its well worth it and its better to ask for forgiveness then to ask permission......long story short I pawned my stuff for her to get started and we were both assured by her mentor that she will be able to get it back with the first $400 bonus well I lost my stuff to the pawn shop. And who profits from all the PBRs where they have to pay $5 each time they go? And always the top leaders go out to have dinner afterwards alone with no QTTs or ETTS makes me wonder what they do with the money? They wouldn't even tell us how we get the residual income its been almost 2 months now and everyone is paying their bills.

I think its a load of bull but can't do anything about it because her mentors and team members tell her that these sites and comments are fake and made up by people who don't try it or don't hustle to get services. And almost everyone I know in the company has had a few people get mad at them for "scamming them" into their services. And bringing up stuff that ACN is under investigation for fraudulent stuff. I want some BIG breaking news on all of this so that she can see the truth.

All I got to say to people lured into this just be careful go through everything with your family or friend that is getting you into this. Ask questions get proof from them first on all this stuff. Have them write down everything they say for you to do. They will constantly call you no matter where you are or what your doing my wife gets non stop calls while she is at work form her TCs and ETLs even when she tells them not to call or text while at work but continue to do so anyways.

They just want you to do all the work for them and then when you done all that you think will get you your money (but it doesn't) they will ignore your calls and texts won't bother helping you as much and go to the next noobie/sucker in the company.

Just had to get that off my chest guys and girls. BE WARNED!!!


It costs $499 to sign up, $149 annually to stay active, $39 per month for you business assistant and $150 for every quarterly event...Room and transportation are not included.

@ACN Rep

If ACN is he way to go, why won't they pay for the employees? SCAM!


That's what I said! I told my friend's mentor, "If I was short on money and you're telling me that you can guarantee I make that money back within a few weeks, why don't you pay for me then?" And he gave me a BS that it doesn't work like that or something lol

@ACN Rep

Hi all,

I am writing this to inform all you so you do not get into it. EITHER TRUST ME OR JOIN, WASTE TIME AND MONEY and higher possibility loosing your frnds and family members.

I am talking from my experience.please see below:

Note - whatever ACN reps mention in meetings ask them if they can do in writing.

Members- you have to call your frnds, family to attend the event and ask them to join or get their phone bills to get qualified. then you have to deal with your frnds& family when their bills are way higher.you will also find complaints on BBB.

Phone Pricing -- They can not even beat pricing for phone services. Phone service 24.99 but it will never be 24.99 there are many other hidden charges.

they can not even beat vonage pricing.

Electric& Gas bill - They might be able to lower your first bill but after first month your unit price will be higher than other companies. if you ask them then they all *** about fluctuation in pricing. if you lock the pricing you can not break the contract without paying around $180.

Extra Expense --They keep forcing you not to give up and force you to attend the national events where you have to pay money for the rooms, food,event ticket which is usually $160. In the event you dont learn anything besides hearing stories of other people.


They focus on faking everything. ACN keep making money from events.

It is not what they promise.

Whatever they tell you ask them to have it in writing.


The money is made by recruiting people. Go to a meeting and see what they main emphasis is. They will sign up anyone to get that bonus, even if they're dead weight.


.50 Cent for almost 100 BILLS




Okay then go back to being poor.


This is exact response I would expect from an ACN rep. No class whatsoever.


You mean join you with being poor?


I get a residual check every month...You must have done nothing and got nothing in return.


How much is your residual check?


Talk is cheap!

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