Complete garbage....I had to reset my modem every so often. They do not support VPN tokens, so if you work from home ACN will not work for you.

I found out the hard way (sometimes it worked and other times it never did) after talking to 3 different technicians when the last one told me that they do not support it. Well then why didn't the other 2 previous technicians not tell me that? Worst service provider ever!! Our phone service gives us problems all the time too and still no solution to the problem.

Now they are telling us its our wiring so they need to send a technician out and it will cost us $60. So why are we paying for something that doesn't work?

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Not entirely true. When we get frustrated with a service provider, it is easy to post untruths.

ACN is a reseller of Bell, Cogeco, and Rogers. Those three companies do not support vpn. However, there is always a way around it.

A bit of leg work and the right information will do. Be proactive instead of a unhappy consumer.


ACN Canada, please do away with the internet , it is a complete mess. See what the US did, stick with customer acquisition for the big internet providers.

Even the BELL technicians tell customers they are making a big mistake with your internet. PLEASE DO AWAY WITH ACN INTERNET!!!! It is killing the name of a good company AS an IBO we have no forum to express our views, So this is what we resort to. Everyone ACN is a great opportunity just DO NOT get INTERNET, First it takes forever to get the modem, then another forever to get a technician(from BELL) they leave the customers without connection so the IBO has to be running all over the place and calling customer service to get everything running, by then its almost a month later.

talk about HIGH Maintenance.

all other services are FANTASTIC. IBOs LET US BOYCOTT ACN INTERNET !!!


I also as a IBO rep, was not informed of renewal fee, made no money paid the $500 start up fee, pressured to get customers, have meetings. I as a customer pay out 96 dollars more a month on my services.

Please tell me how I would have to promote this service to my family and friends. Really?....do your homework before making this commitment.


I signed up for ACN and it cost me $500.00. I was never told that I would have to renew each year for $150.00.

I got people to purchase their services but couldn't get anybody to work the biz under me, so I stopped working the biz because I never made anything even after selling their services. You don't get any money unless you have signed up 2 to 3 people under you selling the business as sales reps under you. Now some years later I go to log into my account because am more knowledgeable about marketing and want to give them another shot and I find out I am no longer active. I call customer service and am told if I didn't renew yearly I would have to repay the 500.00!!

Are you kidding me? First off $500.00 is a lot of money for myself and the average person. Why should I have to repay that much money to be able to bring in this company more income than they would receive without me working the business? The person or people I should say that did my presentation for signing up never told me about any renewal fees and this is very misleading.

I feel like I have been conned out of $500.00. I was willing to give the company a second chance but now I feel like hey could care less about the sales reps. Especially those who are broke and trying to support their children. When I first signed up their was limited availability of different services they offered for my area so I was limited to what I could offer people at the time.

I shouldn't be punished for being misinformed about the fees and they should feel glad I had even considered working their program again! Not suck more money out of my pocket to bring them clients and business!!

Just wrong and unprofessional. If a rep ignores telling new sales reps at the time of selling them the biz, that they will have to renew every year than I believe the position was marketed illegally and immorally and I should be entitled to a refund because had I known that at the time of signup I would not have signed up!


We apologize that you have had trouble resolving this situation. For additional assistance with this issue, please contact our Customer Care team in the U.S at 1-877-226-1010 or in Canada at 1-866-910-1447 and reference case number 8664296 so that we can help resolve your situation. Thank you!

@ACN Inc

ACN Inc. You should have a IBO forum to voice concerns and complaints, this will allow IBOs to do so discreetly and give you an insight of what they are experiencing on the field and help build this fantastic company.

We have lots of issues, but no one to talk to, Please vreate this forum and lets move forward. Thank you

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