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It really is hard to understand what kind of company would look for new ways to nickle and dime their own reps! No one makes this decision on their own - it gets discussed with all the so-called "leaders".

Here are just a few examples: 1) When they decided to "offer" reps a new and improved back office service, they raised the monthly fee to $39.99. The fee increase does covers new things (pers growth info, etc), but it also covers some of the things you already were getting - until this change... If you wanted to continue with a full ACN Distributor Website featuring the business opportunity, videos, success stories, product information, lead management system, additional personalization, photos and more, you had to subscribe to "Your Business Assistant". So, fork over the extra fee and pay them $39.99 per month.

But wait, they weren't done!... 2)The latest "change" is to the Rep and IBO email accounts, which to this point had been provided by the company and YBA subscriptions. But now - they will only continue to provide email service for subscribers to Your Business Assistant! Once again, pay more, or get less - what a deal the leaders have come up with.

3) Ever notice how long it takes to get a check cut and mailed to you? This month, checks were cut on Friday 3/20 (even though they have all the numbers earlier in the week), and post-marked Tuesday 3/24 (look at your own check postmark). Many organizations cut checks, and mail them early so we have them in our hands by the date on the check. It's not only do-able, it's a pretty common practice.

So, why didn't everyone receive their March check from this company on 3/20 ????? It's not because they enjoy looking at a large pile of envelopes, but perhaps it's because the company gets the "float" on the total amount of these checks, for as long as they are outstanding. Float is like interest, the longer you have a balance earning interest, the more interest you get. In this case, they get all the float, at your expense...

4) You already know about the "bring your own device" program that didn't work, so now they offer you a "buy a used device from us" - if you want your phone to work, program. All you have to do is - yep - pay them more $$$.

Is this constant nickel and dime stuff any way to treat the people that are out there working hard for you??? I think not !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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I see what you mean about the checks! My April check is dated 4/10/15, and the postmark on the envelope is 4/22/2015 - twelve days ??!!!.

I realize that they don't release payments (supposedly) until the third Friday which is April 17. But, what did they do with our checks between Friday 4/17, and Wednesday 4/22 when they mailed them - and what is the lame excuse for that ??!!! What great integrity - what great leaders.... I'm getting ready to sell my furniture to go to San Jose and put more money in their pockets...

That's what us IBOs are here for - right? sad


Nothing is free. Why shouldn't we have to pay for the above items you commented on?

You are running your own business. Do you have any idea of the cost of the items discussed if you were to go out and get them youself?

For the life if me, I don't understanding how you can be serious and complain about ACN on this matter.


Jabber - you need to tell the co-founders "nothing is free" ! Why?

Because they have been telling everyone that if you get 5 customers for a service you use - "your service is free". Yes they have said that for all to see.

So, either they are *** or you are... which one is it???


You forgot to mention the $3 cut they take from all of our checks. I could see a smaller charge, if they had to account for and withold taxes, medical plan and other deductions - but they don't do any of that.

$3 per check x hundreds of thousands of reps, is a HUGE amount of $$ they collect from us every month. Doesn't sit well to know the Sr people had a recent trip to a resort in Aruba with free everything, while we get dinged for all these different things...


So - if this company is doing as great as some say it is, then why do they need these extra nickles and dimes ??? Let me guess - they are having trouble with event and concession revenue, and the "leaders" don't want to have to pay for their own airfare, hotel, meals and drinks at the next Sr level boondoggle...?

Or, does it just go right into the owners pockets? If you choose to treat the people that work for you like this, I guess you should expect loyalty problems...

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