Lake Murray Of Richland, South Carolina
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I was asked by a friend to come and hear how my life would change. I went to a few meetings and shelled out money for joining and money to attend a meeting in Vegas that would change my life.

There was this over the top cheerleading vibe. Very loud music always and people who have never had rhythm dancing, jumping pumping fists.

By the end I thought I was at a Scientology meetin, but instead of only 1 Tom Cruise there were thousands and all as ugly fat as myself. It is a scam run by people who swear by PX190.

  • scamming customers
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I love to watch the "plants" comments- they are at home meetings as well! Typical "reactions" of the plants to the presenters: " really, holy ..., I can't believe they are doing this, OMG..., this is too good to be true..." You get the picture - just listen for this, and when you hear it, you will know it's time to run !!!


You cannot be uglier and fattier than ACN people! I'm sure you are the hottest fatty ever!

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