Mississauga, Ontario

I have had ACN products for over 3 years and not had issues. If I have had an issue, I call and they have resolved it.

I have saved money on my essential services. I have made some money back, but wasn't working on my businesses due some personal issues. I had kept up my membership dues and am back working my business, and they have had only improved things and added products. Make sure you get all your facts and go see the people and the products, before you bash it.

This is not a review site it is a complaint site!! Beware of Negative people!

Reason of review: Good customer service.

ACN Pros: Unique opportunity.

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This is the only review site they're on.......


shut up you probably work for the company


The products are not that competitive. How is that being negative compared to stating the truth?


True !


The problem are not their services. The problem is their deceptive business. Check www.acnpyramidscheme.com if you want more info.

"This is not a review site it is a complaint site!!" This website is called "pissedconsumer.com", I think you get the idea of what type of content you'll find here.


I can't belive this company is still in business. Get an honest job and don't put your good name on the line for something you can't control.

Especially when you are calling, recruiting and selling to friends and family. Out side of your kids cookies or candy bars never every sell to friends or family.

Also never get involved with a company that glorifies two convicted drug dealing brothers and makes them there poster children of success.

Chuck D said it best....

Don't belive the hype.


Word str8 these folks are straight up brain washed.


And beware of blindly optimistic ones

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