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I called ACN on January 4, 2010 and discontinued my subscription, but every month I get Invoices electronically. I did not pay for 2 months so I got warning that they will forward to collection agency.

I taled to the representative and he asked me to pay it up and he will compensate me, so I paid the bill from ACN. The representative talked with some one in ACN Customer service and asked them not to bill me as all connections are discontinued, and he took away the telephone, moden etc.

That was on 5th March 2010. Again today April 10, 2010 I received a mail from ACN copied below:

ACN Digital Phone Service - Invoice Available Online"

From: ACN Customer Care (

Sent: Sat 4/10/10 2:44 PM



Your ACN Digital Phone Service invoice for the billing period ending 04/10/2010 is now available for viewing through your online account. Visit to log into your online account.

Thank you again for choosing ACN Digital Phone Service.

Best Regards,

ACN Customer Care





La facture du service de téléphonie numérique ACN couvrant la période de facturation 04/10/2010 qui arrive à sa fin est maintenant disponible. Pour la consulter, ouvrez une session dans votre compte en ligne, à l'adresse suivante :

Merci encore d'avoir choisi le service de téléphonie numérique ACN.

Salutations distinguées,

Le service à la clientèle ACN

Can any one tell me whom should I contact, so that I'll not be bothered by ACN again.



Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Customer Care.

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Well, hopefully you looked at the invoice. Phone service is pro-rated, meaning you are billed in advance for service, with the exception of incrued long-distance charges(this means that a month after cancelling service you should get one last bill detailing any acrued long distance and or/fees). After all applicable charges are paid, ACN sends a final invoice indicating a zero balance.

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