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I am a new customer to ACN. I was fully aware that this is a MLM / Direct Sales company. I know the person who signed me up. I wanted to give them a chance to have my business. But it has been a constant disappointment one right after another.

While signing up, I discovered that I can only purchase "open box" phones from them, with no warranty. "Don't worry, it should be fine" is what I was told. They do not offer the newest version of Apple or Samsung phones. The 5S and S5 are the newest they offer. I had to order my phone with a shipping of ten days, unless I chose to pay $20 for shipping.

Porting the service from my previous provider to my new phone can take up to four hours. So I waited until the weekend to do this and to take the time to learn a new device and make all the downloads of apps and contacts and emails. I did not want to complete this process while running my business. But, porting can only happen during business hours and since I initiated the process on a Saturday, the porting would happen sometime on Monday.

On Monday, during the busiest day of the week, and during the busiest time of day, my phone switched over. Now I was forced to learn a new device and complete all my downloads in between meeting with clients and driving. Needless to say Monday was a bad day.

There were several issues that I needed assistance with. One was transferring all of my contacts from my old device to my new device. Customer Support told me to read FAQ on the website. Great answer. Exactly what a customer wants to hear. But I did it and still needed assistance. The next person said that they do not support that and I should search Google for other resources. When I asked for an email address to submit a complaint, I was advised that ACN does not have such a department.

I have now experienced first hand why so many people dislike MLM / Direct Sales companies. I really question if the savings I am getting is worth the headaches and lack of support from ACN. I truly believe I am completely on my own to resolve any problems that I may have.

I think ACN may be a good resource for a person who does not rely on their phone for business and is knowledgeable with electronics beyond the average person. I went with ACN to save some money, to help a friend, and to improve my ability to connect with my clients. I would not recommend ACN to anyone who relies on their phone for business.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

ACN Cons: Poor customer service, Lack of support, Over sell.

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sounds like your friend is the one to blame not ACN. your friend should have told you about no porting on the weekend and he should have been there to help you figure out how to transfer contacts. they have tons of training for them to learn how to go thru the sale.


You do realize that no cellular service providers will transfer your contacts for you - correct? They will charge you and you have to take the phone to one of their stores.

ACN sells new phones, but I guess they weren't fancy enough for you. FYI-not sure how you missed it but, the warranty is clearly printed in black and white (at the very, very top in big letters, no less) for each and every phone you click on. Every single certified pre-owned phone comes with a 90-day warranty and every single pre-owned phone comes with a 30-day warranty. I am assuming you have never purchased a used car.

The warranties are set up pretty much the same way - certified pre-owned cars come with the remaining time of original warranty and pre-owned cars come with a very limited, short-term warranty. Please don't blame a company for trying to buy champagne with a beer budget.


OK - so, ACN is like a used car dealership. We save by buying their used phones and if we want new technology we need to go somewhere else. Sounds simple to me.

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