Dallas, Texas

I recently completed my 2 year contract with ACN having the Iris 3000 video phone. It ended up costing me a bundel as I ended up having to buy two additional cable modems.

The phone service would lock up when unavailable callers would call and not leave a message and you would not know the phone was not working until you tried to place a call. The video phone would then have to be turned off and re started. Numerious calls to technical support proved to be useless. I am so tired of listening to the `island music' while waiting on hold!

I was a distributor for one year but `prasie God' that I did not lead any of my family or friends to get connected through ACN. It was two of the longest years of my life. We have had a home phone for over 40 years and never experienced the inconvenience we had during the two years with the ACN service. We were at one point told the wireless phones we had used for years were not compatable with the IRIS 3000. What a mess!

It is pretty bad when you know the ACN contact number by heart. I have 10 8 1/2 X 11" pages of written notes of problems, solutions and feedback from my communications with ACN technical support.

God bless you if you proceed and enter into a contract for phone service. Ensure you have a cell phone because you will need it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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Wow, no comments from the pro ACN cult. You stumped them.

I have no service right now and a contract until June.

Waiting on a replacement VOIN phone box which will probably solve nothing. At least Bell would give some refund for dropped service.


You made it. I'm glad for you...I have 18 months to go...unless I figure a way out of this garbage. You would think the court system would side with us since these problems are so widespread.

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