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Be careful before you join because less than 3% make it. You will alienate friends and family.

You will ask people for huge personal favors only to screw them on their bills. The business is all about recruiting more people, period. It is going to take you YEARS before you generate residual income from the products. They will want you to attend expensive conventions 4 times a year and buy magazines and dvd's.

If you think you can put 25+ people in the business, go for it. I had 28 people under me but could not stand the lies and BS.

The owners could easily fix the issues by lowering signing up costs and making their products the cheapest in the market. Unfortunately, too many mouths to feed in this pyramid scheme.

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ACN is the most vile and invasive recruiting-based MLM company.


I have made some Youtube videos to get the word out there that ACN is a scam and a very scary money hungry cult. Please support my videos and let's all get the word out there. Together we can try to save naive people as we can from getting brainwashed by this vicious cult.


For all you folks considering joining ACN, please dont do it. At the least, you stand to lose $500, at the most, your friends, family, your job and all your savings. The average person in montana who joined ACN as an IBO lost $15000.

A few days ago, I was suckered into attending an ACN meeting and narrowly escaped with my $500 still intact. The "businees opportunity" is quite simple and enticing when you look at it from afar. But on closer examination, it's quite obvious that this is just another type of MLM pyramid scheme similar to the likes of Amway and Quixtar.

You, the IBO, are the customer. The product they are selling is quite simply the $500 sign-up fee, the $150 annual fee, the $40 monthly fee and the fees your pay for all those conferences. You are bringing other IBO's (customers) in who will also pay most, if not all of those same fees. None of you will make money enough to even break even.

In Canada, ACN is required to disclose the “average” income of ACN sales reps. The ACN Canadian website reports the average of just the “active” reps to be only $9 a week. That’s exponentially less than the cost of joining and actively participating.

You have been warned. If you have an intelligence whatsoever, please read other reports on ripoffreport and even a simple google search for the company's financials will give you all you need to make an informed decision.

Here is some objective information from eHow about ACN's financials:

A 2008 legal document released by Montana's State Office of the Auditor indicates that the average ACN rep earns less than the $499 fee required to join ACN. In 2008, 91 citizens of Montana paid a total of $61,741 in joining fees to ACN. Only two of these individuals earned more than $500 in income, with one earning $700 and the other earning $696 for the year. These 91 ACN reps earned a combined total of $783 in 2008 in commissions, with all remaining earnings tied to referring other reps.

In 2009, 312 people in Montana paid more than $230,000 in fees to ACN. These 312 people combined earned a total of $16,615 for the year, with just $900 of this amount paid as commission for sales. The rest of this income came from referrals.

Based on this information, the state of Montana filed a temporary cease and desist against ACN within the state in 2008. These filings accuse ACN of functioning as an illegal pyramid scheme.

Read more:


Not sure why anyone would fall for this scam.


Desperation ... and the dream of becoming rich someday.


If anyone thinks that acn is a legitimate business, I feel sorry for you. It's a joke.

They train you to invite people to home meetings without disclosing the name of the company. Why would anyone want to do business or join a company that you have never heard of. All that they train you is how to ask for huge personal favors, how to trap people into coming to a home meeting, and how to close on an innocent guest. Pretty ruthless tactics.

You could easily get a job selling lemons after you do ACN.

Its just amazing what you hear from the leaders of the company. They want you to come to four conventions a year so they can make a ton of money and brainwash you. They even have Donald on the payroll. Trust me, you will lose thousands of dollars in this business.

Funny enough, I actually made some money in the business because I refused to go to the conventions or buy the magazines or DVDs or sign up for back office assistance for $40 a month. But the lies and bs from the so called leaders is something I could not take. I would literally feel sick to my stomach when I would attend training and here the presenters bsing the attendees. I am so relieved that I am out of this cult, so just be careful before you sign on the dotted line.

Oh, and btw, before you sign up for anything with acn, read the fine print.

It's all there because acn has a ton of lawyers on the payroll. The ibo's don't know anything about the products because all they are taught is to recruit.

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