Sydney, New South Wales

I am Involved with ACN-Pacific. I do not believe I have read so much tripe in such a short space in my life.

You say ACN is a Pyramid scam-wrong. Clearly you do not understand the difference between multi-level marketing and a Pyramid scheme. Do yourself a favour-broaden your knowledge and find out.

Your Friend told you that you can make 20, a month. Did he tell you, as we tell our potential IBO's, it is not a "get rich quick scheme." There are people making $20,000 a month and more. But to achieve that takes time and effort and work. Have you got the ability, gumption and drive to achieve that or are you waiting for someone to hand it to you on a plate with a minimum of effort on your behalf.

ACN is currently in 24 countries with over$1 billion turnover. The largest business of its type in the world. Endorsed by Donald Trump. What have you done to achieve that type of status

Has anyone explained the difference of linear and passive or residual income to you.

What business can you start that costs you as little as 395 that gives you your own website. looks after your accounting requirements. Lets you sell stock-without holding an inventory file. Trains you on how and what to do.

I could go on but wonder if you are worth the effort.

Reason of review: A proven way to make money.

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I too was an ACN REP. Busted my hump,lost friends and even more money attending conventions and meetings.

Sooo not worth it. End result, I made about $24.00 in 2years.


You forgot a question mark on the third paragraph from the bottom.


Said no ACN rep ever.


Thanks for your tripe, nameless in Sydney. Now show us all how brilliant you are, and prove what you claim - and save the hot air...!!!

Donald Trump gets paid to endorse ACN - which everyone knows is a common business practice. I doubt Mr Trump believes so much in ACN that he is an active rep, ready to bag his other "jobs" and just do ACN. Many of us do understand linear vs residual income, but you clearly don't. Linear income can include hourly rates, salaries, and incentives that can be paid over time.

NWM companies distinguish their Residuals as a NEVER ENDING INCOME STREAM, but - they don't disclose the scenarios that can, and do end these revenue streams! For example: You sell a Satellite TV account, and start earning residual income - and when the two year contract is up, ACN turns that residual off, and you get $zip.... You can't re-sign that customer to that vendor either. This income termination will happen with every vendor that ACN re-sells for (TV, Internet, Home Security, Verizon, Sprint, etc).

Another fallacy of the "Residual" proposition: Your customer finds a better deal, or doesn't like or need the service you provide - and they terminate the account. This scenario is NOT confined just to outside vendor services, this applies to ALL Services under the ACN umbrella, and once again, your residual for those customers becomes $ZILCH. And last but not least, if the co-founders walk away from ACN, for any reason, which will eventually happen, I would venture all your residuals will end shortly thereafter. For those that have not read their published documents - ACN reserves the right to amend, or terminate the Comp Plan - for any reason.

In a perfect (dream?) world residual income looks good, unfortunately for Anonymous in Sydney, we don't live in a perfect world... Oh, by the way, many "top producing" Sr level (RVP) reps never made anywhere near $20,000 in monthly residuals, and eventually left the company for better opportunities.

That might be why ACN refuses to publish audited, verifiable data on income - like every public company does. If you are considering this company - do yourself a favor, call the bluff and ask for written proof for all the arrogant (yet empty) claims you will hear (like the ones above...).


Load of ***.. 1billion .. youve clearly lost the plot


This is one of my biggest problems with this company. Must you be so rude and degrading to anyone that does not believe in this company?

I could talk until I am blue in the face about the things that are wrong with ACN but it wouldn't make any difference.

IBOs like yourself will only spout hatred, numbers that you hear about, and the same lines we have seen a number of times. I would gladly sit and talk with someone from your company that doesn't turn to insults the second someone disagrees with them.


He won't reply to your response because he knows you're right.

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