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I was approached by a person to use ACN but wanted to research. I am appalled by Chris' comments below.

For someone that uses Christ's and the Lord's name to market their business it is interesting to see such aggression in the face of consistent reviews. And yelling too (that's all caps {{Redacted}}) isn't Christ like. Chris is effin laughable, not a man of God, only a poser taking advantage of lost souls. Quoting the bible doesn't make you good.

Day of reckoning will be great for Chris but he is probably on the Christian buffet plan. Take the scripture that makes you money and skip the rest of the scripture.

Its MLM, its a scam, the internet clearly sucks and you pay to join. What kind of fools are out there that believe in the offerings of the devil.

And screw the losers that jump on the Chris bandwagon to shame people. By your own belief you just bought a ticket to *** on the A-Train.

Ridiculing spelling when they prob entered it from a smart phone while really pissed at Chris stealing their money. You can all eff off.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I never heard of Christ calling anyone the words you've used here. I thought you were supposed to forgive those who trespass against you.

Guess I've had this Christianity thing all wrong for over 60 years. Or, you've started your own sect with your own rules.

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