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Nobody has lied to my investment earned back in 12 days...I have a masters degree so not uneducated....Im not lazy so I am successful with it 23 years in business and not illegal in any state.

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nice ine and thanls


What happens when ACN decides to restructure their business model and void the compensation agreements they have with their reps? Google "Excel Communications" for the answer.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You had a bad experience?

ok, so what...leave your own comment on the comment board. Why bash someone else's success story, especially starting off with criticizing their grammar? I don't have a master, ***, I don't even have an associates, but when I write, I write grammatically correct, and usually spelling is correct as well as typos. So your education level has NOTHING to do with how successful you can be or what it takes to run your own business.

I have been to a meeting for ACN, I have not yet signed up. I am very skeptical, but in the end, what do I have to lose? $500? Well, as a single parent struggling to stay afloat, no I can not afford that.

But in the long run, the possibilities are endless. I would rather risk losing $500 and have the possibility to really succeed and make money, then to sit on my *** and let opportunity pass me by. Everything in life is a risk, a gamble. There is no guarantee you'll have your job tomorrow, and all the time, money, and frustration you put into it will feel like wasted time.

But during your employment, was it not a positive thing? Did you not pay your bills or go on vacation? Of course you time there was successful. Same thing here.

You may lose $500 and then you're only $500 in the hole....but than again, you may end up making $50,000 a month. (And I saw the bank account of the rep that was at the meeting I went to...hundreds of thousands of dollars. Is it legit??? I don't know but I'm willing to find out) It's all on what you put into it.

There are plenty of small business owners who tried, invested so much, and lost everything cuz they couldn't make it. It happens all the time. Again, same thing here. Maybe 95% of people failed cuz it just wasn't for them, they didn't know people to commit or know how to market themselves.

That is the key in this type of business. I'm a cosmetologist and have my "own business" which is pretty much me advertising my's about marketing YOU more than the company. But everything has it's risks and it's pros and cons. I don't know what will happen if I join.

But I'll take a chance. Otherwise, what's the point....oh, and remarks like the ones about grammar and attacking the person, does make you an ***


You are correct - many self-proclaimed educated people really do not have much of a business acumen. And even some that can spell correctly don't either.

Putting $500 down on a whim doesn't make much business sense, especially on something that has a 5% payoff rate...! Thanks for the advice - I think I'll pass!!


Are you still working for ACN


A Masters and you can't write grammatically correct sentences...?? And what part of your comp plan pays within twelve days??

More vague hot air from a kool aid lover... I am a monster at this mlm stuff, I'm so rich - but I can't tell you if I rent or buy my car and house...

yeah right.... Give us numbers, give us facts - hot air is bogus for all to see!!!


This is how I write on line...quick and to the can call it poetic license. I'm posting on line a------, not writing another thesis.

Yes, I have a master's degree in mathematics...and I invested $500 and earned it back in 12 days...because I have a good work ethic and friends. The bonus is $500 when you meet certain criteria, dummy. That is a fact and I've earned it back already. And in another 10 days, within my first 30 days, I'll have the rest of the bonus, $1700.

I'm not rich, didn't claim that, but I have an awesome job in education and great benefits. Now I will have residual income, too. Only an *** writes comments like you did...attack my grammar because you don't have any facts. I'm doing fine...only the losers complain, the other tens of thousands of us who are successful, are grateful to the company for the opportunities.

Stay away...we value nice, intelligent and motivated people. I'm busy signing up another team member right now...bye.

Your negativity and bitterness is sad. Some people will believe you, that ACN is a scam...and they will miss you.


It is very interesting how the "nice, intelligent..." people at your company resort to foul language when challenged. Hopefully you realize that is neither nice nor intelligent...

As to your "poetic license" excuse for poor grammar, and your us/ them generalizations - they are patently ridiculous! You have no idea what experience I have with this company, this industry, or any other company for that matter. If you had just a few of the "facts" you seem to hold dear, you'd know how naive and ignorant your categorization of me as a loser is...! You seem to suggest that after a couple of weeks in the business you are now an expert...?

Is the same true in the world of mathematics? I should have surmised you used the word earned - versus paid - intentionally. That might account for your not addressing my simple question on the Comp Plan payment cycles that pay only after the reps you sign up are qualified for 14 days - not 12 - and then you have to wait another week for the check to arrive.... So to be clear, you have not received anything yet.

Please check my math on that... Your assumption that you will hit ETL in 10 days, triggering the bulk of the bonus is just that - an assumption - not the coveted fact you insist upon from others. Finally, as to your assertion that "tens of thousands " of you who are successful and grateful..., since you like math, and facts, I ask you this: 1- Exactly how many of your colleagues are successful enough to pay all their bills from residuals? 2- Exactly how many of your colleagues are successful enough to earn a net profit after expenses for sign-up/ renewal, event registrations and travel, YBA and marketing materials, trainings, etc?

3-Why are the "tens of thousands" of your successful, grateful colleagues not selling out the quarterly life-changing events in 18,000 seat arenas on day one, or week one, or even month one? They were advertising seats for the last one at San Jose the day before the event...4- With all these "tens of thousands" of successful colleagues, why is the SVP/ COC roster almost the same as it has been for years? And, why have so many RVPs "with a good work ethic and friends" decided the smart thing to do is leave.

You want facts - do yourself a favor and look into this - before you shoot your mouth off again... So much for grateful and successful...


its like any business you have to work at it everyday to get something back. And yes u can get something back and a lot if u work hard.

So all u negative people stop looking at the glass half full and putting down the people who want to do this business who believe in it. Its the people who dont do anything or who want to get rich overnite its like anything u have to work at it but if u do it will work its that simple.

It doenst take a brain surgeon to figure that out. All of you who call it a scam are the ones that didn't do enough!!!


This was an interesting reply from a math person who hasn't done the homework to find out that the word is, 95%+ of the Reps don't even make their initial investment back. After buying in to all the hype we see on this site, those people that lose money might very well be negative and bitter! So, the others that believe this is NOT a good opportunity may very well "miss out", and be better off than the 95% that may wish they had missed out as well!!!!


Then I guess those 95% gave up before they even tired. I signed up 19 days ago, and I too have already earned my initial investment back.

I earned a $500 bonus within 36 hours of signing up, made ETL on Saturday which earned me an additional $1500.00 bonus. I transferred my own services and will receive a $300 Visa card AFTER I have paid my bill on time for 3 months, auto-pay is set up, no-brainer. I have signed up 6 Dish Network clients, which earns me (and my customers) $5.00 off my bill for each referral, so my dish bill is $21.03. When I get four more referrals (max is 10 in a year) - then my dish bill will be $1.03.

On July 1, Dish started a promo: refer three and get a free Xbox One. Guess what I got in the mail on Friday? Yep, a brand new Xbox One! Guess what I took to GameStop on Saturday and got $325.00 cash for?

More money in my pocket, maybe not directly from ACN, but I would not have it if I wasn't an IBO! I also have sold four phone services, one more and my own cell phone service will be FREE! Can't beat free! That will save me $900 a year.

Oh, and by the way, I also have a masters degree, work a full time job, a part-time job, and I free-lance graphic design jobs on the side. I fit ACN in the cracks of my schedule and ACN has quadrupled my initial investment of $499 in less than 3 weeks. Plus I have earned an additional $625 in promo bonuses and an additional savings on my monthly services. Since I know I can easily sell four more Dish services and one more cell phone service, let's put a number to it: $1400/year, BOOM!

If you watch the ACN legal videos, they will explicitly tell you that the majority of IBOs will fail and very few will be "mega" successful. Success is given to you, you have to work hard and earn it - in school, in sports, in life! Why would anyone expect ACN to just give it to them? The 95% of IBOs who fail were probably expecting a "get rich quick" result, and again the legal videos explicitly repeat it is NOT a "get rich quick" business model at all and that any IBO who misrepresents the company by saying otherwise will have his or her business contract and all privileges revoked.

It does not take a master's degree (or even very much common sense) to understand the process of building and establishing a business will take some time. Furthermore, residual income will only increase by maximizing your clientele. In other words, you should have gotten off the couch and generated some business. We are each a product of our own actions.

That is all.


Oops!! My statement should have read: Success is NOT given to you...


Have to believe some of these replies are written by "spokespersons" - they sound so similar, and lack almost any substance... I love this other reply that claims "those 95% gave up before they even tired"...

(Presumably this Masters degreed person meant tried??). Anyone who has listened to the Sr level folks has heard the claims that they have hundreds of thousands of reps on their respective teams. IF that is true (I'll come back to the "if" later), then there should be at least 500,000 Reps that comprise the 5% that have had any success. Therefore, there would have to be at least 10 million reps that "gave up before they even tried" (the majority that ACN appears to concede will fail).

To throw the "didn't even try" blanket (or any other blanket) over such a large group of diverse individuals is PATENTLY RIDICULOUS, and, " It does not take a master's degree (or even very much common sense)" for anyone to figure that out... As to the earlier "IF" - Bottom line - we have one person who claims to have earned about half of what the business will cost him in year one, so far, for a company that has been claiming to be closing in on a $1 billion business for 5 years - without getting there...... This same company starts pounding the next quarterly life-changing events while the current event is still in progress. On average promotion lasts for three months, because they can't seem to sell the seats out any earlier - even with discounts and perks.

Seems to me that getting 20,000 of your 500,000 successful, loyal, happy Reps to join you for a group tree hug would be a lot easier - IF they really have that many reps... I don't know, and the company won't tell - you decide...

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