London, England

From my personal opinion with respect I must say ACN is just a Blessed Opportunity for me and it has changed me completely.

I used to work as a Manager is ASDA and whatever I used to earn in a year from my job I can make a lot more than that in a month in ACN.

Those People wake up Monday morning for (9-5) in their Traditional job I must say I am having much better lifestyle than them as I wake up in the Monday morning to check my account and I go back to bed again.

Thanks a lot to the Cofounders for creating such a beautiful system for every single invidual who can live in their dreams.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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That's just it about ACN. They're selling you a dream.

There is no real product. Or to be more precise the product they are selling is the 500 dollar registration fee and YOU are the customer. Think about what kind of business you own really? Do you have an office?

Real employees? Do you get to make executive decesions about how much you're paid and how much your so called 'employees' 'down line' are paid?

Beware of alienating your family and friends ...


Yes - all of us check how much business we have in the morning, and then go back to sleep....! That's how we do it here - isn't it grand!!!

You do the work, and we get the money !!! Tomorrow, I'm going to lollipop land !!


How many people have you brought in under you?

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