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If you did your research u will find Acn isn't a pyramid scheme or scam at all its called working smart no one person can be everywhere at once so you recruit just like MacDonald s or any other franchise

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That...doesn't even make sense. You just gave the definition of a pyramid person is at the top (we'll call that person the "Team Leader".

The Team Leader recruits people to work under them (let's say 3 people we will call them Team 2), then Team 2 Recruits, say, 6 people under them for Team 3. What would the diagram of the recruitment methods and team look like? That's right...A PYRAMID! That's how MLM companies operate.

"Working Smart" is the term ACN made up so it fools people (like you) into thinking it's not a pyramid system. In ACN's case, "Work Smart" is the synonym for pyramid-level sales & recruitment tactics. I feel awful saying this, but the fact you don't understand this is the perfect example of the type of people they want working for them- those who lack the critical thinking to see what is really going on, and are easily tricked to believe in imaginary terms like "work smart!". I took the above example and made it into a diagram below (not sure if the formatting will come out right once it's submitted, so you can actually "see" what I mean).




l l l

T22 Mem.

T2 Mem. T2 Mem. l l l l l T3 Mem. T3 Mem.

T3 Mem.

T3 Mem. T3 Mem.


" recruit just like MacDonald s or any other franchise."

Wait....Do you truly believe that statement is accurate? You MUST be an ACN "business owner" (I can't even say that term without giggling), who has been sucked into the company.

Sadly, those who get very involved with MLM companies fit a very distinct profile: not very educated, never experienced a pyramid scheme before, in a tough spot in their life, and looking for a way out / ray of light.

Basically weak people who will be drawn in by their pitch and ignore the facts and reality. MLM companies use tactics to justify criticism of their companies receive and give guide answers. I'm assuming you were told that they are just like franchises by your team leader.

I'm creating an account JUST to reply to this comment, because of the McDonalds defense. My family owns 10 McDonalds franchises, as well as several Subways.

You aren't "recruited" to own a franchise. That's just ridiculous. You are not approached relentlessly by friends, family members, coworkers, and your next door neighbor to buy into a franchise, like you are to "join the team" or buy MLM products. These two cannot even be compared in the slightest, and is an insanely bizarre synonym.

The definition for MLM is clear.

Is part of your "job" to recruit people to teams or to sell under you? Then you are working for a Mid-Level-Marketing company. End of story. That's the literal definition of it- this isn't an opinion, but a fact.

ACN operates on a pyramid system...again, it's a fact.

McDonalds Franchise owners make upwards of 100k a year. According to ACN's financial report, which they have to provide under law in Canada, the AVERAGE *ACTIVE* rep made NINE DOLLARS per week. That's much less then the "cost" of joining (another MLM red flag- if you're paying to sell a product, you're most likely involved in MLM. They are making money off YOU- much more than the consumer the reps sell to (clear by the 9 dollar figure).

Only 1 in 200 people will ever make back the cost of joining. And they know that. They stay in business and profit off YOU. The people who are making the big $$ you hear them trumpeting at conferences, are the people who got in early- that's the only way you ever can make a decent income with an MLM company.

I urge you to use critical thinking skills. I can imagine it's very hard if you've signed up and spent a lot of money to become a rep for an MLM, and are starting to find out exactly what's at play. I'm assuming that's how you landed on this page, by Google'ing something along the lines of "Is ACN a scam?". But you have a chance to get out before it's too late.

The longer you try to justify and ignore the facts, trying to sugar coat a decision you are questioning, the more time and money you will loose. It's hard to own up to a mistake, but remember there are sadly millions of people in your same boat.


All companies are in a pyramid form. A CEO at the top and workers at the bottom.

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