Worthington, Ohio

I've been reading all of these reviews...THE THING THAT STICKS out THE MOST - THE grammar / spelling used by people PROMOTING ACN!!?? Someone I know has been trying to 'recruit' me...

I'm pretty sure its gonna be a NO, as I've seen 3 positive reviews out of 100, am pretty sure were written by ACN top employees???!!!

I DONT BELIEVE YOU SHOULD EVER HAVE TO PAY your employer to work for/earn $$ that doesn't go into your OWN pocket!!?? No acn for me

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm not currently involved with ACN however what I will say to your statement is that it is ridiculous to say you have done your research when clearly you have not. If you do research on ACN or any other multi level marketing opportunity what you will find is this they are business opportunities that require an investment of time and fiscal resources the bottom line is this you will get into anything what you put into it in life and yes my grammar on this response is very poor to prove a point.

I've been in sales for over twenty years and have built a solid income because I've put in the time and effort required to do so.

Nothing in life is free it take hard work dedication and money and irregardless of a person's grammatical prowless or education. There are plenty of people with less than a high school education that have went on to be very successful business owners throughout the history of our fine country that's what makes America great!


I seen enough with the bad grammar, these folks ain't had much learning, sho nut.


I've launched a successful real estate investing company that costed me about 20k out of pocket. When I was approached about ACN I was intrigued so I decided to check it out.

I heard the concept and was like this seems easy enough...its probably an arm and a leg to get in though...When 399 flashed across the screen I was already looking for a rep agreement to sign. I thought it was a steal.

I got involved December 17th. I worked it around my schedule a few hours a week...Posting things on facebook and instagram.


Fast forward to now. I have a team of 11 people. All but two are profitable.

I have about 124 customers between me and my team. And my 5th check from acn was for $1057.

Folks it works. Don't be so close minded.

Do it part time. Work it around your schedule. Talk to people. Listen to your coaches.

MAKE IT HAPPEN. Its a business and if you want to see success you have to put some work in. Its really quite that simple.

If anyone would like to see my earnings or ask me any further questions. I am on facebook and linkedin "Charles Craggett" Enjoy your days yall lol


If you really launched a successful real estate investing company (for 20k? Seriously??!!) I really don't think you would find the very low % payouts at ACN worth your time...


If you wanna start your own business yes you pay. Try being in franchise like McDonald that takes millions to start. Some people are so narrow minded.


These comments about franchises have nothing to do with this company - where you do not own a franchise. You own no product, no service, you get paid according to someone else's comp plan - none of that is the case with a real franchise.

People that have no legitimate successful business experience should stop making uninformed comments about how business works. I imagine some are just repeating what they hear from their up-line - but do yourself a favor and do some research before you repeat something that may make you look ignorant.


Yes you have to pay to start your own business but then YOU OWN your own business! You rent the offices, own the computers, own the product.

You make the decesions about how much to pay yourself and your employees. Tell me what do you OWN from ACN other then a high-flying concept and an anonymous web page?


And I bet if you wanted to start a franchise business, you'd expect someone to hand you the startup capital as well? LOL

Enjoy the corporate world ;)


I'd love to hear from you again after 7 months.

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