Monroe, North Carolina

I applied there and it is not professional what so ever they go off how you look and if you fit in and i was well qualified for the job i wouldn't refer anybody there ijs!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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That is not at all how it works. ACN is an independent business owner corporation.

If you wanted to invest in a business storefront for yourself you could. If you chose not to invest then that is your decision.

There is no application for this. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about.


You are correct about investing in your own website - vs paying $480 per year for a link to ACNs customer portal (with your name on it and everything!!!). You are also correct that investing in an ACN sales rep position is anyone's decision.

I would be interested in what business assets you think someone might own by investing in ACN, since their Comp Plan gives them - not you- the right to terminate the plan (and your residuals) at any time for any reason. I'm looking at an ACN IBO agreement, which looks a lot like an application - but very one-sided in favor of ACN.

It does have to be accepted by ACN in order for anyone to have a position, so, I would say it is a form of application... Perhaps it is you that doesn't know what you're talking about??


Sounds like he applied for a corporate job there


Lmao, dude you're obviously one of the idiot reps who have been brain-washed to think that they can earn 10k in a month. YOU clearly have no idea what you're talking about, moron.

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