Chula Vista, California
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I really don't know why many people hate on ACN, but in my opinion it's a great company with great people mentoring me. I remember thinking to myself if this was "Legit" because all this income that was promised to come in sounded to good to be true.

But I was lucky enough to have a hungry team and a great Regional Director that helped me get my 500$ back within a week. To keep this short, ACN is only for those who are good at selling the services and networking out to others. It takes money to make money. To start your own Business it's usually 1k or higher.

Especially if you want to go to college you got to pay. If you want to become a doctor; 1,000 dollars down the road you'll finally be a doctor. $500 dollars to become your own independent business owner isn't so bad. If you put your efforts into ACN you will most definitely see improvement.

This business isn't a get rich quick scheme it's about time and effort. You and your team should reach ETL or TC within a week or two if your mentors really want the best for you.

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This is a great example of the business acumen of some of the people that will be sticking their nose in your business when you join... SMH... good luck !!!

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