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some make it but it pays very little. they want you get people in for 550 then as many as you can for the first month then the ones you get in for 550 need to do the same. is it cheaper not really. because you have to pay a monthly 29.00 to have the web site. if you only make 8.00 a month they dont send out a check unless you make 10.00.brutal. they suck you in like a religion. a cult if you will. like i said some make but the top... Read more

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Very disappointed. Their sales rep Michelle Dowling signed me up for direct tv. I was informed by her that I would be paying a minimum of 53$ monthly. She forgot to mention after 3 months my monthly bill would double due to the end of a promotion. My bill went from 53$ to 170$. I was also informed that it was a year contract I was in which is false it's two years and now I can't get out of it.

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I see this company is still getting bad reviews. Still thinking about joining. Lol Read more

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"The average “active” marketer made $500 in 2010. Keep in mind: Then as now it cost $499 to become an “Independent Business Owner,” and participants are encouraged to spend $39.99 a month on the “Your Business Assistant,” an optional package of tools, but one that ACN president Provenzano says “every single person out there who is serious about winning needs.” In addition, ACN Training Events cost upwards of $149 to $189, not including food,... Read more

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Went to a friends house. Was not told by friend what business opportunity was. Sat thru a ridiculous sales pitch complete donald trump video. I knew right away it was ***. I investigated it online saw the piles of complaints against company. I tried to gently talk my froend into getting her money back. Unfortunately she was past the time specified. The services are terrible. The business practices are dishonest. Its a near cult like following.... Read more

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This a plan out lie I'm an ACN IBO under Mr Issacs leadership and I don't know if your crying out for attention or what but I've been part of the business for almost going on 2 years now and I'm my own Xoom Customer and my bill with Xoom bill is only $102-$110 the highest but now I have the power your home promotion and my light bill is free. So idk what your crying about its people like you that try to put a bad name to MLM. And btw I was with... Read more

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I used to have the internet and cable with ACN and I had to changed because of the terrible service.Now I prefer to pay more, but I live in a building and unfortunately they are the company responsible for the tech support.I thought I had finished with them,this is a nightmare. What to say! A lot.Terrible service. The installer did a clumsy installation of wires.A person with a bad mood. I have problem with my service ALWAYS and you never can... Read more

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I really don't know why many people hate on ACN, but in my opinion it's a great company with great people mentoring me. I remember thinking to myself if this was "Legit" because all this income that was promised to come in sounded to good to be true. But I was lucky enough to have a hungry team and a great Regional Director that helped me get my 500$ back within a week. To keep this short, ACN is only for those who are good at selling the... Read more

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Hi. So I've been to an event of ACN which I am totally clueless about, but they gave me an amazing opportunity to sign up and go to Lisbon, they told me that it was going to be a raffle and the first 3 people would be able to go for FREE so ofcourse I signed up- filling in all my details and bank information, which was asked of me on the form. I thought that ACN was not going to take money out of my card. However, at the end I did not get chosen... Read more

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I was asked by a friend to come and hear how my life would change. I went to a few meetings and shelled out money for joining and money to attend a meeting in Vegas that would change my life. There was this over the top cheerleading vibe. Very loud music always and people who have never had rhythm dancing, jumping pumping fists. By the end I thought I was at a Scientology meetin, but instead of only 1 Tom Cruise there were thousands and all as... Read more

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