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I was invited to an ACN home meeting the other night without knowing a thing about the purpose of my being there. Well, I was born at night, but not last night.

What a ridiculous business proposition they offered. They want you to join for $500 for the privilege of pestering your friends and relatives to buy something. Then they paraded in a higher up in the company, then another higher, higher up who couldn"t stop trying to impress everyone in the room with his fancy watch. I quietly asked one of the guys in the group that was representing the company, just how long he had been at ACN.

The answer was 4 months. Other than the supposed big shots in the room, not a single person had even been with the company 6 months ago. And I suspect than when these guys wake up from the ether, they too will be gone in 6 months. The fact of the matter is, that I wouldn"t join this outfit if they were paying me the $500.

Had I known the deal in advance, I would never have shown up in the first place.

Reason of review: I said NO.

ACN Cons: Wasting my time.

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The irony is, they know you won't show up for the "meeting" if they tell you what it is about beforehand - which is why they cover this in training so extensively! And yet, they are convinced this is the greatest business out there - even though so many don't make $$ and so many quit....

(all these people are friends and family of the Reps, but, they get thrown under the quitter bus anyway!!). Many refuse to accept that this deal is being a middle-man broker for a revolving group of vendors, with low margin product and service to sell, on commission, with no salary/ draw or benefits of any kind. They certainly won't tell you that either. And finally, after a good sip of kool aide, they convince themselves they own a business!

But what do they actually own? Nothing, really. All their revenue can be taken away in a heartbeat by the co-founders, with a change to, or discontinuance of the comp plan - that right is clearly stated in the comp plan.... Your "website" is their website that they give you a link to - which can also be taken away whether you like it or not.

They have your sign-up money, and you have a sales job you just paid to get.

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