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ACN trains people in bad financial situations to contact all their friends with urgent requests to meetup. These turn out to be sales pitchs for ACN.

I unfriended Brandon Rub for wasting my time with an ACN pitch earlier today. I'm explained to him several times I wasn't interested and he kept going. He had me change my schedule and go out of my way to meet with him, because there was an "Urgent matter" he couldn't talk about on the phone.

Starting a sales pitch on that bad a footing is low and just insults me and my time. so now someone I've known awhile is deleted from my life, he gets some blame but ACN took advantage of his desperation

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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You were never a real friend if something like this made you dump Brandon from your life. Brandon is the real friend for trying to bring you in a good financial opportunity.

Brandon didn't lose much. You're the one that lost.




They take advantage of desperate sheep who like following herds. So sad. I lost all respect for my aunt and uncle after they lost tons of money doing that.


did they sign up 300 times or something??


Then if you recognize he is in a bad financial situation and saw he was making steps to better that situation and in doing so he simply asked a friend to check it out, why woul he cut this friendship off?

This man reached out for a chance at help as well as I'm sure he simply wanted to share the value in what he obviously saw and wanted to share it wit you.

Or at the least help get you better service while saving you money while in exchange, you helped become a friends customer freeing him of his financial situation.

I feel you went about it the wrong wat sir. And I'm sure ur ex-friend is much better off without somebody like you in his life. I'm happy for your ex-friend that you cut yourself out of his life during his growing stages.

I you will try to contact him back once you see his results.

Good job friend. I'm sure you feel proud and accomplished.


Cut off friendship because someone wanted to introduce you to financial freedom? I'm sure he's better off without people like yourself.


Wonderfully said. I would not have put it in a much better way than what you have said it in.




Oh I forgot to mention!! The person my friend signed up under has now quit!!

Both her and her boyfriend were doing it and I guess it was causing problems in their relationship. So if that doesn't SCREAM so,ething, I don't know what!!!!


Relationships fight and have issues to begin with. I'm sure that one had its share before ACN.

Oh and plenty of people order workout equipment all the time and hang clothes on them when they arrive. Does that make the equipment faulty?

Or was their unsuccess from their personal laziness?

Effort equals results


I got suckered into joining ACN about 10 years ago and it still to this day, is the worst $500 I have ever spent!! About 20-30 of us from my job decided to join, all joining under each other.

Well needless to say, NONE of us made money and of course cancelled their service once I diD NOT DO ACN anymore. so no residual income for me or anyone I know that signed up. Also, I had done Mary Kay before ACN and it is actually YOUR business and you don't have to sign up people under you to make money. To move up, you obviously do, but you don't have to make money.

So anyway, my friend got suckered into joining, even tho I warned her after she did it. She joined doing ZERO research! So anyway, she's a neighbor and I see how hard she has worked the last 3 months. I'm telling you that if she worked as hard for ACN for MK she would be on her way to a new car!!

She got suckered to go to a conference in Cali (we are in Colorado), which probably cost her another $500 AT LEAST!! THEN she got her boyfriend to sign up!! Actually the nimrod that is like their leader, told them how GREAT of an idea it would be for him to sign up too, giving her someone underneath her. So now they are out ANOTHER $500!!

That doesn't include all of the gas and fees she has to pay to go to training. MK charges a small fee as well to go to their weekly meeting, but it's bc the director has to rent out the space that they are using. Since they have spent SO much money already they are struggling with gas and everything for her to get to the meetings. However, her TC pumps her up saying how much it's going to pay off....and she figures it out and gets there.

She's gotten probably 6-7 to sign up under her.....$500 a pop for each....that ACN makes, not her!! They don't make a % of that, which they should, since their whole thing is about recruiting or you make nothing really Well that 1% of everyone's bills I guess, which probably pays for a Burger King!! So anyway, today she got her 1st check from ACN!! Remember she has busted her butt off for this business!!

Her first check after THREE MONTHS was $97!!! She is planning on doing MK too and once she sees that she can actually work hard and MAKe MONEY (what a!!!). So I just thought I would share my experiences. Also, I don't like how they 'trick" people to make their events!!

She will put things on a Facebook like 'who wants to meet me at Starbucks?' She leaves out the part 'so I can show you my business and my TC will try to get your to spend $500! Per that Facebook post it sounds like she wants to have some company and chit chat!! I would be pissed if I went to meet her for coffee and there was some man there trying to sell me stuff. Meetings....same thing!!

Tricky, tricky!! Anyway, just thought $97 was a slap in the face for what she's put into it!'


first of all for 500$ you get million dollar mentors pouring into you weekly and other successful acn people pouring into you daily if you're on the right team! I'm on the number one team globally for acn and it was hands down the best 500$ I ever spent in my life!

I have been in for 3 months doing it in the cracks of my full time school schedule and college baseball schedule and I'm only 21 I have 10 business partners and 74 customers I've gotten paid about 1,000 so far just in bonuses not counting my residual you got to know how to do it but you get all that training and support and being able to call a multimillionaire any time you want and ask them for advice or ask them in person on how they did it and what to do plus you get 2 professional websites you do not have to design yourself which gets hosted and updated daily keeps track of all your customers everything for you and if you knowant anything about buying a professional web page it costs thousands of dollars and guess who has to update it and take care of everything..YOU! YOU my friend got in to ACN because of YOU no other person you wanted to make a million dollars your first year and put no time or effort into it when someone plays a sport and practices once a month or doesn't practice and ask his coach questions on things he doesn't know how to do how well do you think that athlete is going to play? I know people that started this business 10 months ago and are now making 15k a month I know someone else that started 6 months ago and is now making 5k a month one lady made one deal she has only been in for 1 month she is making 12k a month now off of one deal! that she didn't have to do she called her million dollar earning mentor and he went and met with the gentleman did everything for her!

she just introduced them!

and if you're one of those people that think owning your own business is going to start making significant money with minimal effort in less then a year then I could probably guess your bank balance within a few hundred dollars that is like saying if you owned a restaurant and only opened it up once a week you will not make any money in your business same thing here and just bc someone invited you in a sneaky way does not mean they are doing it the right way there are many different strategies on getting someone to come take a look at the oppertunity that is NOT how me and my team invite people and maybe why she isn't having as much success as us I really wish she got the proper training like I did, or maybe she is she just isn't listening ! and yes anyone that gets in the business has to buy the website in order for you to make money just like a bar owner has to buy the bar first before he can start making any money you are clearly not an entrepreneur at heart and it's very clear ACN just isn't for you and that's fine it's not for everybody


Whats the difference when bell,telus, fido rogers and all the rest of corporate companies use telemarketing to get their services out there??? In the middle of dinner, at 9:00 oclock while chilling out, etc... you get a call about promotions from other companies!!!

What do you think that the standard business world is not someway MLM...

While you bust your *** for someone else, it's the BIG BOSS, PRESIDENT, Executive President thats making all the money on your slaving ***. What do you get??? $ 10.00, 15.00 or maybe $30.00 dollars an hour. Work overtime, through lunch while your annually salary increases are 1-5% or constantly get turned down on promotions because it's only the asskissers that climb in the REAL CORPORATE WORLD!!

While you remain the bottom feeders, their the ones at home with their families while your BUSTING YOUR ***!!!

MLM is like going to work, everyday your building your business for yourself not for someone else.

MLM has no racism, salary cap, competition, jealousy,

MLM has opportunity, creates friends, you can make more than your upline, they encourage you to make more!!

Your efforts and success is what you invest in. It is like going to a job, you have to WORK at it. It's not a lottery ticket!!!

YES I am with ACN and i'm loving my FREEDOM! Can you say the same.

You don't have to bother your friends and family, you can offer business services, thats what I did. I still have all my friends and on their own, they came to me to try the services.

HOW can their services be bad when they are using the same platform from current providers??????? All your complaints are BS

because BELL TELUS AND VIDEOTRON is their partners, so basically your saying they suck because all ACN does is use their patforms to resell the service affiliated to acn.....

Sorry that the business didn't work for you but the company is good and does offer a great opportunity.

Network Marketing is not perfect but it is the BETTER WAY


Talk about brainwashed. I am soo glad that I'm financially stable and don't have to resort to selling things to family members and friends like ACN people do and other MLM people.

If you have to appeal to their emotions by pulling stuff like the author described, then it's just not worth it at all.. Seriously..

Not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for going to college.. :grin

@Billy Mays Here

Your not happy to offer a service you can provide through a business you run a better price saving your friends and family money?

Hmmm, and he is the brain washed one?

@***ure ACN

the same speech everytime its like one person writes all the positive reviews

@***ure ACN

Well they all brainwashed and like a cult, all replies are same ACN is a scam fact

@Billy Mays Here

Brainwashed is a very common thing my friend, just look at yourself, so proud of college, yet there are more self made millionaires with absolutely no college education, than there are ones that went to college. You should be proud of your achievements, however if you know anything of statistics, of wealth, of business ownership, than you would understand that your comments are ignorant.

You probably watch T.V., yes? If so, I consider you brainwashed. Do you watch the news and actually believe what you see as fact?.. brainwashed.

Do you think that working for 40-60 years is worth it?.. brainwashed. In today's market, not only does college not guarantee anything, it puts you hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, only to then maybe have a chance at a decent paying slave job. Wake up when you are told, eat when you are told, get paid what you aren't worth...

this is what you go to college for, to become a worker drone, without any independent thought. To start a business, to be an entrepreneur, is the only real way to create long term ongoing wealth. If you don't making money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

Some words of wisdom from someone that doesn't have to worry about the 9-5 grind until I die... oh and I'm only 32 years old.

@Young Free Residual Income

"Education is a bad thing", said no intelligent person ever... You obviously know very little about the Corporate world which, by the way, is full of entrepreneurial thinkers who create, upgrade, and enhance many things we all use everyday.

I would venture many of the people in any Fortune 500 Company get paid more than the majority of people in your company, and, they get medical, disability, social security and retirement benefits, and paid time off as well - which I don't believe your company offers. Throwing stats around might sound impressive, but I've often found people that do that can't provide details to back them up. Many "entrepreneurs" work through privately held companies, who do not/ will not disclose their earnings, like acn. So, there is no proof to be had for those cases.

The point is, anyone can claim anything - and it all means nothing without proof.

There is one other key point of wisdom you didn't mention that people should consider - your company reserves the right to terminate THEIR compensation plan, at any time, for any reason - you have zero say in that - unlike a real "Business Owner". And if they do, you will have no income to accumulate...


Lets see your paychecks for the past year you brainwashed loser.

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