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Run away from ACN! It is a scam that provides terrible phone service, a lot of head aches, and is designed to profit from collecting early termination fees. I had the service and my account number was 100996794

I was going to connect it in my house but the "ACN Rep" didn't know what equipment I needed. So, I called tech support and discussed my home network service, which works through a centralized box in the closet of the Master Bedroom. The tech support assured me that the Iris video phone would work in this network, so I ordered the phone.

From day 1, the phone kept losing registration. Tech support then tells me that the phone won't work in the network, and that the only way it will work is if I connect it directly into the modem or the router. This means that I would need to video conference or use the phone in my closet, and that I cannot use the phone and internet in the house at the same time! I told them that this was ridiculous and that I would never have switched from Vonage if I knew that I had to use the phone in my closet and give up access to phone and internet together.

Tech support said that since I was unwilling to use the phone in the closet and give up my internet, that it was my fault I couldn't use the phone and I had to pay $250 early termination fee.

Also the customer service is horrendous! My recommendation is that anyone wanting to use inexpensive VOIP is that you go to Vonage. $25 for unlimited calling, awesome customer service, fantastic reliability - It is the gold standard in VOIP - and no I don't work for Vonage or have anything to do with it except I learned my lesson and I am going back to Vonage.

Lastly, I think Donald Trump should be fired as an apprentice in his own board room for attaching his name to such a terrible product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Internet Service.

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I bought a cellphone through them and I was told by others I overpaid. $80 a month with no data plan on an old model phone.

I got a videophone too and that just plain doesn't work. So yea, it's a scam.


Imagine that, another anonymous supporter of ACN. Unfortunately, the terms and conditions state they don't have to give service and you agree to pay. Machinery hooked like faxes also do not have to work.


I have the video phone and could not be happier with the service. No problems and the video to video quality is awesome.

My friend got the digital phone service from ACN and has DSL with ATT.

When he had trouble hooking it up he called ACN's customer service department who walked him through the process and he was happy everything was fine. I asked him how the service was and he said the sound quality was excellent and as he makes a lot of international calls he was impressed with the sound quality.


I had ACN for over a year and the service was not very good. Certainly not as good as my previous phone company, Vonage. There was call quality issues, system problems and most of all it will not handle a Fax machine. I have called tech support multiple times and not much sucess. My son has them also and his service is worse than mine.

When I called about the FAX issue, Tech support said I should call the FAX machine company to have them work it out. All-in-all the experience was poor so I went back to Vonage after abour 13 months with ACN.

Well I got the final bill from ACN there was a one time charge of $165. Customer support said there was a contract for 2 yrs and that cost $139. When I told them they did not hold up their end of the bargain by not having a service that could handle a FAX. She said that was in the Contract too.(different than tech support). They also charged me $14.99 to transfer my number and $10+ was for taxes.

If you're thinking of signing up with ACN think twice and go over the Contract with a fine tooth comb and save a copy of it for future use. Better still go to Vonage.

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