I hope everyone knows the "people" writing positive reviews are all brainwashed or forced to say these things. ACN practically consumes you .

YOU make money FOR SOMEONE ELSE! your like your mentors minion. You have to follow a script that is misleading and not helpful! On top of this ACN members are practically forced/ pressure family members to join.

And when things don't go the ACN member way ALL *** breaks loose. ACN members take it to heart , but not everyone's wants to be apart of this scam! products are terrible, and their "promises" are non existent. I say to anyone who's been asked to join ACN or take part in their services politely deny.

If all else fails tell them how this company is *** and a scam! Its not worth losing friends and family to never make money! And ACN members just respect the fact that people don't want to be apart of your *** company!

And the only people who make money are the people who started this company, and for all those saying Donald trump wanted to buy it.... of course he did, to make more money off of you.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Im not brained washed...and I am making money with ACN. It is slowly growing, but more than I thought and sooner that I thought.

It does take work, time and yes a few friends and family who thought I was ridiculous. Now, a year later, they all want in. Guess you are just not good at it, so blaming others. I love the co-founders.

Tell me, has every other company you use for your services have excellent customer service. Absolutely NOT. I have had my issues with quite a few companies...from gas to cell.

Just admit it... you didn't try.


Well said, for more info look over here : http://www.acnpyramidscheme.com/


Yes - the kool aid drinkers love to brag about how "multi-billionaire- Mr Donald Trump" endorses their company! Well, after his comments on immigrants, how do you feel about your company spokesman???

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