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Brian Sax is a Senior Vice President with ACN Inc. It is a direct sales company offering services such as Digital Video phone, mobile, fixline and internet.

Brian Sax can be contacted on or +18178193825 (USA) or 0433263351 (AUS). I joined his team in May 25th of 2010. The startup cost was $500, however, when I filled the form and gave my details to him which he said was the only way to process the application. The next day I was charged $5,000 from "Brian Sax and Associates-ACN".

When I called and emailed Brian Sax, he didnt pick up and reply my emails.

Never work with SVP Brian Sax of ACN Inc, he is a scam artist! Avoid at all costs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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ACN provides third world services that are over priced. It's better and cheaper to get it straight from the source.

Their products are old anyway and yes it is a pyramid scheme. You make money for the people above you. You gotta pay a stupid fee every year. Brian Sax is a liar and a scam artist.

I've felt with that snake before. The first thing he asked me was how much money do i have in savings.


I'm not in ACN but you are a liar! The fee is 495.

I was prospected and that's the start up fee. I didn't join the business opportunity because it's not suited for me but I know many many people that are making a great living because they decided to start their own business rather than being enslaved to the 50 year plan. If you want to be just over broke get a job! If you want to create wealth start a business.

This type of business model is endorsed by the wealthiest business people on this planet, including Robert K, Richard Branson, Donald trump and Gary Vee. Those that are dumb enough to believe it's a pyramid scheme and are skeptical deserve to be broke. You obviously take advice from broke people! Learn from the wealthy, clearly they must have a formula if they are successful in business.

And by the way.

Brian sax is a lovely guy, that's the impression I got from him when I met him and goes above and beyond for his people.


Whoever wrote this is WEAK MINDED and also LYING about the $5000 charge that doesnt happen mate, what a LOSER


I've met Brian Sax and he is nothing like what you said about him! He seems like he has a big heart and very humble and most of all love to help others in the ACN business. So I don't know what you are on about mate??!!


Sure Brian you are bat *** crazy dude give it up


Never trust this story!!! If I was you i will use the opportunity but it looks like you created a story that made people feel bad about Mr Sax..

He is a humble man with a heart of giving back to people they need help.. Wish you all the best mate!!!


Why would you pay $500 to work for a company anyway?

@Not In MLM1

The $495 is a franchise fee. It is for the systems, training, support and tools necessary to start and run your ACN business.

When you join you don't "work" for the company you are self employed.

And while I am not affiliated with ACN I have had contact with Brian Sax and met people who do business with him.

He is a decent bloke and he is only interested in helping people achieve success. He has a huge ACN business and would not jeopardise all of that for (what for him would be) a small amount of $5000.


You're all sheep and balls of slime. ACN should be dismantled and its members should be put in jail.

You all say the same thing about your income yet no one ever posts an actual cheque from acn. You are all brainwashed members of a cult.

Rot in ***. ..everyone of you scamming pieces of trash


LOL, a cult, my step father told me that in 2006, now its 2018 and monies from ACN has helped me fund one sons MLB Baseball path and help with university fees, getting my parents to Australia numerous times and on the *** of helping me split my time between countries........ what a great cult!


That's ridiculous I have known the Sax family for nearly forty years. They are honest people.


How outrageous... ACN is a 20 year company with a very strong integrity. I've been around it for a while and this is simply not true.


I don't know if this story is true, but ACN is a well known Get Rich Recruitment Pyramid Scheme - anyone with grade 7 math can determine that. SCAM.


Wow, your an ***!


If your going to use the term "Pyramid Scheme" It would be useful to know the definition. Its funny how the ignorant use terms they do know or understand in order to defame another person.

Also since I'm SURE your looking up that term how about looking up SCAM. Ok, start here:


Right a pyramid scheme that has been around for 22 years in 24 different countries.


Yer right how can a company which has to abide by the laws of 24 country's not be ethical and honest in its dealings with millions of customers around the world. Come on. ..have some sense or check your facts....


The money comes from recruting people. Deny it. The residuals are very small until you recruit A LOT of people who you have to teach to recruit A LOT of people.


2 seconds of Googleing will show you ACN's MANY legal snaffoos and toeing the line of the law. Get real.


23 years now. About to be the 14th company to be valued at 1 BILLION dollars.

LoL. Small minded people. Gotta love em.

(5 years in and best believe ...



ALL my bills are now paid with royalty income provide but the best company EVER

A C N.

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