Wasilla, Alaska
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Was totally BS'd by a guy in Anchorage that tried to get me involved in ACN. He went as far as calling me off a help line phone list for a twelve step program and then it turned out he wanted to "spread the word on ACN" I was floored by this.

I think his name was Skip Meyer.

Several other people have complained about his tactics and they have fallen on deaf ears at ACN website.

I do not know if ACN condones recruiting of people off of confidential help line phone lists, because they never responded back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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A friend of mine just forwarded this post to me. I have not been aware of this post before today.

I find it incredible that somebody would post my name without posting their name. I have never, and will never use confidential lists for promoting any kind of business endeavour. I have been a member of a twelve step program for over 16 years, and thus, my circle of friends and influence naturally include many such members that are friends and acquaintances in twelve step programs as well. To the other two ACN Reps that responded with their comments, it is equally unethical and not doing things the right way when you comment to a topic in which you know nothing about, or one half of a story that is absolutely unfounded and untrue.

To the untrue statement by whomever drafted this complaint, you might want to talk to someone about breaking anonymity, false accusations, and your own personal fortitude. God bless you all.


I am soo sorry to hear of this experience from ACN. I can tell you that ACN does not condone this and he could loose his position in ACN for doing so. Absolutely unethical!!


Dear Pissed in Alaska,

I am so sorry to hear about your experience with ACN through someone who clearly is not conducting business the correct way. ACN DOES NOT approve of this behavior and never will.

I have found ACN to be a helpful tool in generating some extra income that is helpful in todays economy. I am not making HUGE money but enough to pay a few bills.

ACN has been a great expereince for me and I hope you can look past the desperate attractions of Mr. Meyer.

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