Hawkesbury, Ontario
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Got my ACN landline disconnected a few months ago after going through months and months of billing problems with these totally incompetent individuals. Never owed them a cent and never paid late. For months, month after month, they charged me for my local calls, treating the calls as if they were long distance calls, admitted they had a billing problem but problem never corrected. I have sent them approximately 40 E-mails and called them dozens of times. Most of these incompetent individuals have strong accents and can hardly be understood. And, it doesn't matter what language you speak as THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND and keep repeating the same errors.

So, I'm now using a voip system and I am very satisfied.

However, they have the guts to continue sending me monthly bills with an unpaid balance and inform me that they will be referring me to a collection agency if I don't pay?

Customers beware of this fraudulent provider.

I would rather have a telegraph line set up in my home than having to go back to this narrow-minded, incompetent company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Reason of review: Inadequate billing service..

Monetary Loss: $44.

ACN Pros: No stars acn stay away.

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I love how they use God and have worship music in the convention, they play on your spiritual heart, that right there should make you run as fast as you can away from this scam!


I know what you mean! There's some short skinny SVP from the east coast that seems to want to convince people that God wants us all to be rich, and ACN is a great way for that to happen.

I guess he never read the Gospels, where Jesus and his disciples are constantly scorning money and personal possessions, even suggesting that rich people give their wealth away.

It is really sad that people mislead others spiritually like that. Oh, and btw, I did run and work part time for a set of local ministries that really do help people!!


I stopped the service! Hey still are billing me

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