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How is acn a scam? the outline on how to make money is straight forward and makes sense!

$500 is nothing to take a chance on something that makes too much sense. People who complain about it have no lives and nothing else to look forward too. If you dont have $500 bucks and are worried about losing that, then you have bigger worries on your mind. make some money and work.

If you guys were smart then you will be able to use ACN and your own home based business has a tax advantage, so that will make up for the $500 bucks. Acn rocks!

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Bernie Madoff stole from many innocent, hard working, every day people! These people are middle class and invested in retirement funds and work a 40 hour work week to pay the bills and support thier family.

Money is Greed, which is a sin, and taking from others and selfishness, is also a sin! Whipping out $500 bucks to throw away isnt how the everyday family operates. Money isnt everything and robbing people is sick and unethical!

yuck!! Peace Out!


he who has the gold makes the rule. ACN has enough money that as long as they do not commit murder the law won't care about what they do.

I see the operation of things... I practicaly have sylars power.

a legit MLM company would allow you to make more money per personal sale than you do per lower rep or lower rep sale. just because you found a loophole to make it legal does not mean it is not a scam.


I read the business oppertunity and I think it is really well! Let me tell you something I work in law and I did my research on this company, (I have to laugh) excuse me, but this company is well worth its weight in GOLD!

$500.00 dollars yes is alot especially if you have a family to support but if you do everything they teach you to do yes you can make your money back!!! And besides it's not just about making money, it's also about creating friendships and working closely with your customers, establishing a rock solid relationship, so and like I said my friend is an ACN rep and so his his wife and I think I herd maybe two complaints out of a hundred maybe, and he quickly satisfied the customer so it's all in customer service people. Maybe the reason why you people are somewhat and I qoute "pissed consumers" is because maybe you had the wrong person, it's not the phone or the phone service it was the person you dealt with!!!!

SMILE it aint that bad!!!! :)


the people that complain abotu it being a scam are people who expected it to be something they could just sit around making money on right away. the realty of it is the only way to make money is to recrute more people.

only way to recrute people is to get off your *** and hit the town. as well as trying to get people to switch providers.

but oh no thats work and people are scared of that!!!! i wont sign up for this becouse i live in a town with a population of 3000 theres not too much potental there as well as the phone and internet service is not availible here.


ACN rocks!

Stop being a chronic complainer!

Just do it...don't stop just because of negative comments from slackers.... I am a nurse and stop being a nurse after another nurse introduced this to me and I am not from this country but still could find customers....rain or shine I met customers back when I started ACN but now I have a quality time with my family.....and right now I have a rockin' life$$$$....

don't hate! Just do and believe in it.


Yeah Bernie Madoff was a great place to put your money too


So an attorney general led, 17 year old, international company with relationships with all the major cell carriers and satellite providers, that has thousands of representatives, and featured positively in financial magazines is a scam?! That's kinda funny.


i am an ACN rep that recently joined, and i can confidently say that the RVP and every other RVP in my region is someone who i can trust, i know there income i know there background, i did my research, if they were scamming me id know if they were. so whoever thinks that it is, *** and grow a pair of eyes and ears instead of using ur mouth to say sh1t u dont have evidence for.

if you think its a scam, tell that to Donald trump who evidently wanted to buy the company. he's endorsing it and is now broadcasting on tv shows such as celebrity apprentice. if you think its a scam why the *** is it on tv. you think the government would of stepped in on a global scamming company..


but they havent, so i think thats enough evidence for that. ***


evedently you people slept through the training it is all spelled out for you

nothing hidden if you spent thousands training reps you messed up its mot msgic

you do have to work at it

what *** keeps calling people call them once then leave then alone let them cone to you


***, I wouldn't present a "business opportunity" to my dog that treats their customers the way acn treats theirs. I haven't had a dial tone since they took control of my phone.

No legitimate business treats their customers the way this one does. The whole busines is a scam.

acn stands for ***, Conartists, and Ner,dowells.


just like scientology.....they go out and seek to right the wrong and reel someone else in

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