Gardendale, Alabama

Waste of your time 400.00 out the door don't Join give it to charity waste did it to help my son pretty much I got a phone 39.00 a Mo has not worked yet too much bs Never screw with them misrepresentation ia all as people say full of *** as a Christmas turkey a Pyramid scheme the top makes the money they give a car to them to make them look successful scam scam red neck Crooks ain't worth nothing if you're a Christian you're a Thief but go on with Just like buy here pay here

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

ACN Pros: No stars.

ACN Cons: Pyramid scheme.

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This person CLEARLY didn't work hard at ACN...or in English class in school! NOTHING in life is FREE!!

You have to work hard to reap the benefits!!

If you don't succeed at probably don't have a pulse!!


LOL sounds like a whiner to me


Why is it that when someone complains about an experience, the sales reps on this site call them names and throw them under the bus? When the majority of people have a bad experience - is there really anything to laugh out loud about??

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