Fairborn, Ohio

Wow, I am reading these post and my mouth is to the floor. I have been in the legal field for many years and have had a successful business with a handsome 6 figure income but lacked time freedom.

This is why I took a solid look at ACN. Believe me I did my due diligence before I joined and one common denominator I have found is the people who make the excuses of why they are not having success are the ones who "drank the Kool-Aid" of every negative, unsuccessful family member and negative friend. They are the same type of people who said I was crazy to start my own practice. So for you to "blame" customer service or the products for your failure in life is a shame.

This is a good Christian company who gives EVERYONE the same opportunity for success. The people who are trying to bash ACN are the same people who quit at everything in life. "Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do." The definition of Dedication is "the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose." The definition of a leader is "the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country." So stop blaming others for your failures in life. Stop blaming you boss for you failure at your job.

Stop blaming your wife for your failed marriage and start working on "YOU"! ACN has allowed me to free up alot of my time. I went from working 60 hours a week to 30. I now receive FREE cell phone service, FREE internet and home phone, FREE usage on my gas and electric and I now have a recurring residual that covers my mortgage.

The beauty of it all is I did it in 8 months. Sure I have people on my team who quit and gave up and that is the nature of the game. If everyone was dedicated then this opportunity would have been gone a long time ago. But the people on my team who stuck with it and eliminated ALL excuses of why they can't and started saying I can are the ones who are having success.

So the moral of the story is take responsibility in your own life. Good Day!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Internet Service.

Reason of review: I appreciate this opportunity. Just wanted to say thank you and God Bless!.

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You lie and you're a plant, I love how the acn scam artist are trying to use this site as a recruiting tool. Thieves, charlatans and con artist!


You lie


i disagree with you about people who bash ACN are the same people who quit at everything in life. The spectrum of ACN is different for everybody and demographically.

What can work for you might not work for other people. People who market ACN have to lare the facts bare and tell everything to their supposed customers so NEWBIES can make an inform decision. Unfortunately, not many people can hang up.You might have enough money saved and therefore don't mind paying monthly and yearly fees to support your acn business budget, other people have just started life and looking for something promising and reliable to sustain and therefore can't withstand months of paying subscription esp.

when they haven't got anything in returns. Network marketing aka ACN sometimes eats you out.


i agreed with your comments , ACN is a great oppertuninty for those who wants to change their life and life style, this is a buits nosiness and you need to treat like a business because people think this is a get rich quick scheme but its not. we are a business owner and doing ACN very short period of time, made good money.Great company where you make money paying your bills

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